A Girl Can’t Own Too Many Bungee Cords

There are a few tools that a girl who lives in her car (and is also fond of traveling and camping in remote places), absolutely can’t live without out.

Tools such as a hammer, axe, basic vehicle repair kit, and so on…but then there are a couple of others things that are essential. One is duck tape, and I’ll cover the usefulness of that in another blog. The other is lots of  bungee cords.


I don’t think that I could manage without bungee cords;


When I carry gasoline and wood on top of my car I use them as tie downs. They are great for hanging trash cans from trees or from the car wing mirror, or using as hooks to hang things from various places and the list is endless. I used one to create a curtain across the section of my vehicle between the front seats and the back, but my favorite use for them is to use as tie downs when I create wind, sun or rain shelters off the back of Mitzi.

End of day sun shelter

Above is a quick sun shelter which I threw up in about 4-minutes at a trail head along Comb Ridge and Butler Wash. It was hot, and I just needed enough shade to make it more pleasant while created supper on the bumper of Mitzi. I used a piece of scrap wood I found near by as the anchor because the sand was so soft.


Extended stay shelterMade from a tent fly

Before I left on this trip I bought an old tent from a thrift store for $2.00. It only had one pole that belonged to the rain fly, so I cut up the tent to use for repair parts, and also made a tarp from it for using under my bivy sack or one person tent. However, I really bought it for the fly. Look what a great extension it makes to Mitzi’s rear end.

With this up I have shelter from wind, sun, rain and snow, but I also have privacy when cooking. It takes about five to ten minutes to set up.


Actually, I think I need more bungies,

I’d better start picking them up when I see them along the highway…


Until next time,

Seeking more bungee cords along the way

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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