~ Alone on Valentines ~

359 - Roses for Roxy - Dec 24

A hot bath, a glass of wine, and many candles.
With blinds open from ceiling to floor,
I watch the trees dance in the raw, wild, untethered wind as I soak in the wet warmth.
The clouds pass by as though they are late for a date,
and the snow sparkles in the moonlight.
The trees cast their dancing shadows on the white, crisp, ground.
I rise from the water, and dripping, walk into the living room.
Here I open the blinds, so the room is lit only by the light of the nights sun.
Gentle music surrounds me, and wraps me in a warm feeling.
I sway like the trees in the wind, naked, and alone,
I dance.
The earths love is all around me.
A coyote howls at the moon,
or perhaps he is calling his lover.

Roxy Whalley

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