Bed Mate–No Thank You!

It was September 2012 and I was doing some things by my vehicle with my tailgate up when I heard a clacking of wings near my head. (Yes, it was a clacking sound, a bit like those clacker balls make).  I looked up, but saw nothing, and continued with my odd jobs. A while later, I closed up the tailgate and got ready to settle into bed for the evening.

When I climbed into the back, the first thing I saw was this enormous bug on the screen I have on my tailgate window. I mean it was huge! (I was living in a Subaru Outback that year).

“No way you’re sleeping with me,” I exclaimed and I shivered in horror. I climbed out, went to the tailgate, and carefully removed the screen with the bug on it. Keeping it at arm’s length, I carried it over to a bush and tried to scrape the bug off. However, the bug didn’t want to leave the screen. If I had it on the underside, it would crawl around to the top, and then start walking right towards me. So I’d turn the screen around, and the bug would change directions and come directly toward me again as though it wanted to get right in my face and have a word with me. I did this several times, and yet those big buggy eyes were 2012-0566 - Bug in my bedroomfixed on my face and it kept coming at me.

I tried several times to scrape it off on a bush, but it wouldn’t go. This went on for some time and I was getting rather frustrated. Then I thought maybe I could get it to fly away by flicking it, so I tapped the underside of the bug (hoping it wasn’t dangerous in some way), but it wouldn’t leave. Then I started shaking the screen up and down violently hoping that would work, and with that, I got a reaction. The bug stood up on its front legs, as though ready to pounce or take off, but it still clung on for dear life. My arms were getting tired, when suddenly, it just fell off the screen to the ground (probably had a scrambled brain by then).

I didn’t want to stick around, so I fled into my car and quickly closed all the doors.

Ugh! I did not want that bug sharing my bedroom, or bed, with me for the night.

Until next time,

Feeling rather buggy,

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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