A Permanent Home (or not?)

April 18, 2019

The other day I was camped in the San-Raphael Reef in Utah, waiting out the wind and rain of a spring-time weather front. Tired of creating video’s for my YouTube Channel, or watching movies, and with no cell reception or WiFi available, I decided to clean up my computer and before long I found myself reading through some of my old poetry, prose, and other articles.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently about whether I would ever want to have a permanent home again at some point in my life, and so I found it interesting when I came across this piece I wrote back in 2009. Apparently, ten years ago, I was not as sure about being a full-time Nomad as I am now (I’m now in my 14th year of being a full-time Nomad). I find myself wondering if I am romanticizing this lifestyle, or is it the other way around? by dreaming of a permanent home, am I romanticizing that in the poem below? What I do know is that right now I have found a very nice balance. A balance between adventure, time alone, and time with friends and community. By returning to the same town each year for the summer months, I have a place to call home, a place that is very familiar and which gives me time to rest-up (because believe it or not, traveling like I do is actually quite tiring), a place where people greet me when I walk through the door and ask me questions about local hiking trails and such, and it’s also a place where I have friends who are always happy to see me return each year. Having a home-base is something I’ve had a hard time giving up. Each year I say I will never return again, but each year I do. By month seven of traveling, I find I’m ready for some stability, but after a couple of months of stability, I’m ready to take off again, however, I always stick it out for the entire summer because finances require it.

Anyway, that’s just me musing over things. Here is the poem (please forgive the grammatical errors, I just write poetry from the heart, as for the ‘correct’ way of writing it, I know nothing).

Wanderlust Necklace


Worn arms on my favorite chair, its leg imprints in the carpet.

Familiarity with the cabins creaks.

The way the snow gathers each winter on the deck.

Annual and bi-annual flowers planted by my own hands.

The passage of time.

The change of shadows in the corners of the room as each season passes.

Weathered windowsills, last painted five years ago,

I loved choosing that shade of green.

Spring cleaning.

Fall pumpkins.

The tradition of setting up the Christmas tree on my birthday,

in the best spot by the window,

A comfortable home, decorated with love, and endless yard sale visits,

full of comfort and the memories of friends.

After forty-one moves,

I dream of a permanent home.

By Roxy Whalley – October 2009 (aka. A Nomad for Nature)

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Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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9 responses to “A Permanent Home (or not?)

  1. Roxy it was great to have met you recently in a small town in Utah…after watching your videos and reading your blog a bit, it was like meeting an old friend for the first time. Thanks for taking a break from your video editing to visit with me a bit. CU out there sometime again. Greg


  2. My dream is of a Golden Girls type home where some friends and I make a home base to travel from. Some would love to stay and keep the home fires burning, while others of us have some wanderlust dreams and travel more. With enough people, sharing would be fairly inexpensive and we could all share meals when all are home. With Air B & B perhaps your room would be rented out while you are gone to help defray those expenses. I love traveling but I love to come home too…At my age, breaking it up into smaller chunks of times would be my ideal … A month or two of traveling then home for a few weeks. Maybe if that home was in a touristy area, could even lead a guided hike or two to some great places you would want to share with more people that you trusted.
    Oh and BTW… you can have that spring cleaning all to yourself! lol Love and Light to you

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  3. You put into words how I feel about my home. Nice that your home goes with you complete with ever changing flowers, your “homey” things and bumping into friends in the most unlikely places. It seems the best of both circumstances.


  4. You poem is written from YOUR heart, YOUR truth, and that makes it the correct way to be written. Really enjoyed your article and your poem. Thank you for blessing my day.


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