INTRODUCING…The Travels & Adventures of a Solo Female Nomad Videos

Introduction to the series

The Travels & Adventures of a Solo Female Nomad – Year 14

On October 15, 2018, I finally got to leave Estes Park to start my travels for the winter. It had reached temperatures as low as 3 degrees F, and it was time to head to a lower elevation. I took a picture of Estes Park as I was driving out of town.

October 15, 2018 - Bye bye Estes Park

Each year I’ve been sharing my travels on this blog, but this year I’m doing something different; I’m recording video clips along with taking pictures and turning them into Video Episodes which I will share on my YouTube Channel.

A video is more fun; when you watch a video you can hear the sounds of nature, the birds, the water, the wind in the trees, my heavy breathing as I climb a steep hill. You can hear the crunch of my boots on the trail and experience what it’s like to look over the edge of a cliff. Video brings the experience to life!

Don’t worry, I’m still going to share my travels here on the blog (for those of you who don’t have enough data for watching videos), but probably not as a day-to-day travel blog. Instead, you may get one blog post that covers the whole month instead of 8 individual ones. I do intend to finish off my travels from last winter though, which I’m still working on and getting out a bit at a time.

Additionally, all the other types of posts I do will still keep coming, because I do so love to write!

Click to go to Episode 1

Click to visit Episode 1 – The First Leg of My Journey

This series of videos starts with an introductory video (click the first image above if you want to hear me chattering) or you can get right into the journey with me by clicking the ‘Join Me On the First Leg of My Journey’ image above.

Ring my YouTube Bell  Episode 2 is scheduled to publish on…I think…November 1, but if you don’t want to miss any of my journeys just be sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button on my YouTube Channel, and then RING MY BELL. I believe that ringing the bell ensures you get notifications of any new videos I post. The bell is found next to the subscribe button.


And that my friends, is what I wanted to share with you today. I’ve been taking images for a long time, and I enjoy it, but videography has brought some new challenges into my life, and though I’m far from good at it, I’m enjoying it anyway.

Screenshot (27)

Thanks for following, sharing, liking, and commenting.

Until next time, bye for now, OH, and if you’re using a phone to read this keep on scrolling down and look for the MORE TO EXPLORE link which will guide you to a huge array of categories and posts from the past that include How-To’s, Tips, Travel, Tales, Travel, Philosophy, Safety, Poetry and more.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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6 responses to “INTRODUCING…The Travels & Adventures of a Solo Female Nomad Videos

  1. Hello Roxy!

    It’s January 30, 2020 here in Albert’s Turkey (Albuq., NM) and though the sun has been going wild, the days are fairly chilly.

    I’m not a fan of video, but Michelle Cook enjoys it and I occasionally find something. We’re wondering which editor you chose?

    Enjoying reading about your adventures,

    Wahnfried der Nomad


  2. Hi Roxy, I really loved Episode 1, and I admire what you are doing. I have done quite a bit of backing in the Southwest so I can appreciate your pictures. Thank you! I have been planning to simplify my life and become a nomad now for a year and hope to get out there soon. You have inspired me more. Thank you!


    • Thank you, I hope you succeed in following your dream to simplify and become a nomad. I hope you will watch more of my videos in the future. Last winter I think I made 54, and this winter there may be a few less, but I’m up to 12 right now. Sorry took so long to respond, not sure why, but WordPress never notified me of these comments.


  3. Good afternoon. We met in Lake Havasu a few days ago. You have been on my mind. I hope you are well. I was on my way to kayak, you let me see your van and I took a picture. I spent the rest of the day wondering why I felt the need to hug you ( not really my nature ), but decided it was inspired by God. Best wishes, Kerri


    • Kerri, I remember you well, you were so open and friendly and I instantly liked you, I’m glad you wanted to share a hug. In the past few weeks, I’ve been working on putting my heart forward, and your reaction and the reaction of others I’ve spoken to recently shows that doing this makes a difference. I am amazed at how many people have been drawn to talk to me, people from all walks of life, and how many hugs I’ve had from strangers. I’ve usually been closed off, but suddenly people talk to me and I jump right in and respond back, it is quite wonderful. I’m glad you got in touch, I hope your paddling experience was a memorable one.


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