Snow Blizzard (A Poem by Roxy Whalley)

In answer to our prayers, she came,

Claiming the land as her own.

Bellows of whiteness blinding our vision,

So welcome was this loss of sight.

A trillion tiny white angels,

star-shaped and intricate in their uniqueness.

Upon the earth formed mounds of

impenetrable moistness.

Suffocating the land, yet offering life.

Protecting the spring buds from cold,

Yet cold she was.

Cold enough to warm the heart.

White enough to brighten our souls.

Roxane Whalley ~ March 19th, 2003


In 2000 – 2002, Colorado experienced drought conditions. I wrote this poem in 2003 when I was sitting and remembering the first snow we received, that marked the ending of that drought.

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2 responses to “Snow Blizzard (A Poem by Roxy Whalley)

  1. I love this! I am glad to find another person who writes poetry her way, the way it feels. I’ve done the same for years. I showed some of mine to a published poet who immediately wanted me to start following “the rules.” I told her I don’t want a job, I just want to express what i feel in a way that seems natural. There are too many forms of poetry and too much to learn and i’m old, so I’ll just keep doing it my way. Looking forward to following you and reading more of your creative writing.


    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my writing and that you feel free to write in your own style too. There are so many rules in the world that we have to follow. When it comes to any form of art, how can we express ourselves if we have limitations such as rules set upon us while expressing our feelings. Life is too short, just go for it! 🙂


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