Fortuna Pond, Kofa NWR, Christmas Eve With My Tribe, and New Years Eve alone in Parker, AZ

After spending time along the Colorado River, I visited Holtville Hot Springs and then went onto Fortuna Pond.

I’ve visited Fortuna Pond before and each time my pictures are different. Here are links to Fortuna Pond January 2016 and February 2017.

I also have a YouTube Video on my Channel, which you can watch by clicking here: Boondocking at Fortuna Pond, Yuma, AZ.

I only stayed at Fortuna Pond for one night this time around, because there were some inconsiderate partiers there who whooped it up until way past 11:00 PM, and the next morning I saw them stocking up on more firewood so I asked if they planned to stay up playing loud music again until late, and they said yes. At that point, I decided not to stay.

This kind of thing happens a lot these days, where it seems that there are more and more inconsiderate people in the world. Maybe its just because there are more people, I don’t know. Anyhow, I’ve learned to just let it go, and move on. I would have enjoyed the wildlife at the pond for a couple more days, but it’s not worth frazzled nerves, or getting into a conflict with a group of men over. Everyone else around the pond had to listen to them, but it seems that no-one else was willing to say anything even though some were disgruntled. They got defensive when I asked them their plans, and it was only a simple question, so I can only imagine how they would have behaved if I or anyone else had said more. I suppose someone could have called the BLM, but so many folks are hesitant to involve the government these days if they don’t have to.

I let it go and moved to a place that I knew would be quiet, and it was.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge has free camping, and still has a host, so the camping area stays clean and quiet. It’s one of my favorite places for that reason, and I always contribute to the cleanup by picking up trash. This is something all campers should do; Leave it Cleaner than You Found It.

One night I looked out of my window at the sunset and was stunned by what I was seeing. Like many other Americans, I had no idea what I was seeing in the sky until I looked it up later. It was the launch of the Space X Falcon 9.

I have more posts and pictures of Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, just click this link. There will also be more in the future.

After a few days of peace and quiet at Kofa I was ready to return to Ehrenberg and meet up with some of my tribe for a Christmas Eve campfire, and on Christmas Day we all gathered for a potluck lunch. Some of the crew had been busy cooking various meats in solar ovens throughout the day, and everyone brought something to contribute. Afterward, there was another campfire.

After that great big lunch, I went for a walk and the clouds were putting on an incredible show of intricacy. Look closely at this image, inspect it, aren’t those clouds incredible?

After a day or so in E-berg, I decided to move on to Parker, AZ.

I went to a popular boondocking spot, but instead of parking with everyone else, I drove straight through them all, to the very end of the road, and then went some more. I could do this because of my short rig, with the small lift. Most RV’s wouldn’t be able to make it down this narrow two track with its many humps and dips.

I spent New Year’s Eve on my own. I wanted to have some music so I could dance, and a campfire, but I didn’t have any firewood. Instead, I had a Solo Stove Lite fire. It’s actually a camp stove that takes twigs, but I’ve used it many times when I’ve felt the need for a friendly little comfort fire. If you are interested in purchasing a Solo Stove, please visit The Nomad Store on Nomad for Nature. If you purchase anything through my store, I get a (very) small commission, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

I made a YouTube Video of my Solo Stove campfire, which you can watch here: Solo Stove Campfire by A Nomad for Nature.

New Years Day 2018 was also the first full moon of the year, which was also a Supermoon. Here is a picture of it on New Year’s Eve.

I hope you have enjoyed my travels since October 2017 to the end of 2017.

If you’d like to see what I got up to the rest of 2017 just click here: Winter Travels 2016/2017 and Spring and Summer in Estes Park, Colorado.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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  1. Hey Roxy – I’ve been keeping up with all of your posts – always good to read and see your photos. I read all of your Kitchen Sink and thot it was great! My friend Deb Blackman (from Writing Group) wants to get your blog. Tell me how to get her on. Her email is We just had a foot of snow! More snow than we had all winter. Hope it will help keep away the fires as it has been a very dry winter. Love ya – ANNE



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