Space Saving Attractive Storage That’s Very Affordable

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Studley Van might look like a handsome dude on the outside, but inside is another story:

During the day I have a couch with attractive cushions which I change out occasionally when I get bored with the color scheme, and my blankets get changed out too when they wear out or a grow tired of them. (I love thrift stores).

In the evenings, or at bedtime my couch turns into a bed.

Now you might be asking, “But I don’t see any bedding. Where do you keep your bedding in such a small space?”

Well, all those throw cushions may be different colors, shapes, and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. Zipper closures!

With zipper closures I can pretty much store anything soft and bulky in them, zip them up, and hey presto I have a throw pillow for comfort.

In the big cushion cover above I store a big sleeping bag. This is the bag I use most nights, even in summer at higher altitudes.

In the green striped one, I store a lighter weight sleeping bag.

In the brown cushion cover, I store my down pants and jacket, which I use to stay warm in my van on cooler evenings and mornings.

Cushion covers can also be used to store your pillows in during the day, so you don’t have some drool-stained pillow on display all day long. They also help to keep your bedding, sleeping bag, pillows or whatever, clean from dust and other dirt during the daytime, and they free up space and offer a good back rest when needed. They are also washable, and can usually be purchased in thrift stores for a dollar or less (I just leave the innards at the thrift store for them to sell to someone else).

There are so many things you could use these for as storage.

And MEN, this could work for you too. If you are in a small rig you could use a more manly looking cushion cover (camo, mountain views, pictures of deer trophy heads etc.,) to store excess towels, winter clothes, extra bedding and all kinds of things.

I’ve used this little trick all my life, even when I had a stick and brick home.

Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone you know that may like this idea.

Okay, that’s all for now. Happy organizing.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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5 responses to “Space Saving Attractive Storage That’s Very Affordable

  1. Sweet! Seems an Intelligent, functional and attractive means to organize the essentials and have an uncluttered, open feel to your small space. However no camouflage or trophy head covers for this non-stereotypical outdoor guy!

    Liked by 1 person

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