Tillamook to Lincoln City (Pacific Coast Trip ~ North to South)

November 4-6 2017 (Solo Winter Travels 2017/2018 ~ Part 8)

From Tillamook to Cape Mears Scenic Viewpoint and the lighthouse, down the coast through Seaside, and on past Cape Meriweather, Cape Kiwanda, and through Pacific City. I parked for the night of the fourth at a viewpoint between Oretown and Neskowin Beach. (South of Pacific City and north of Lincoln City).

Oregon coast camping

In Oregon, it is legal to park in a rest area for 12-hours straight, unless otherwise posted. For more information visit Oregon Department of Transportation or here List of Oregon rest areas and the facilities they offer. Rest areas also include viewpoints unless they are posted with a sign stating that there is no overnight parking or camping. Sometimes you have to look hard for that sign, so always double-check.

oregon coast camping tips

I drove about 43 miles on the fourth to Lincoln City where I spent some of the day on the beach by the D River dodging the rain between walks, and then I spent the night in the Chinook Winds Casino parking lot, and it was the first time I’ve ever stealth camped at a casino. This casino has set aside a parking lot for RV’s to camp in, for a fee, but I was able to blend into the normal parking because I’m small and not so obvious.

On the fifth, I explored Lincoln Beach, Depot Bay, and watched gray whales for about an hour at Rocky Creek Scenic Viewpoint. I also visited Otter Rocks and Devils Punchbowl. While at Devils Punchbowl I paid attention to the number of rules and warning signs there. These were at nearly all beach access points, and I was stunned by how many there were. On the night of the fifth, I stayed in the casino parking lot again.

It was about 17-miles from Lincoln City to Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area, and I dedicated the whole day to it. This is how I travel across the land, short distances each day, taking my time, and exploring as much as possible along the way. I could do the coast of Oregon in just a couple of days easily, but why? I spend about the same on gas by taking it slowly, as I would going fast, but I see so much more. On this day I had to double back, but that is something I rarely have to do.

oregon coast camping tipsoregon coast solo trip

oregon coast nomad for nature

Have you ever?…

rules and signs along the oregon coast3997-Devils Punchbowl

I hope you’ve enjoyed this section of my winter travels during the winter of 2017/2018.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature



5 responses to “Tillamook to Lincoln City (Pacific Coast Trip ~ North to South)

    • I felt safer in the places where there were more people as there is safety in numbers. One night there was only one big rig, and myself. I was parked quite a ways from the big rig (generator) in a dark corner, and a car pulled up close. I felt uncomfortable until I saw that it was just a nice looking young couple. They stayed in their car and were quiet, and I relaxed after a while. I guess each situation is different. Our instincts are our best weapon. We are on wheels, and we can always drive away.


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