Did You Know? (Re: YouTube)

Nomad YouTube

It has been brought to my attention over the past week that many of the people who follow this blog are unaware that I have a YouTube Channel.

I know that many Nomads have a Channel these days, but I like to think mine is a little bit different from many of the van-life videos that are out there. My intention is to inspire people to get out in nature and enjoy it’s relaxing and healing qualities and to open their eyes to the beauty around them, with hopes that more people will fall in love with the natural environment and want to protect it for future generations. My Channel doesn’t have a lot of drama, and is mostly calm and relaxing but with just a tad of adventure in it (enough to make you long to be there, or maybe hold your breath for a second) and a little bit of advice or how-to suggestions. Because of the lack of drama, I’m not going to get 1,000 followers in a month (or even in a year), but for those of you that are into this lifestyle (or are thinking about it) because you love being outside in nature, it just might fit the bill.

My videos are by no means professional, but they are done from the heart. I often spend 14+ hours putting them together, excluding the initial recording and uploading time. You won’t believe how many clips I cut-out (especially of me or my voice)…LOL

Here are some of the types of video’s I share:

Join Me for a Hike Up the Visually Stunning Yellow Rock in GSENM (Just Pictures)

Cutting My Hair While Living Off-Grid in a Van

Just Waves ~ A Six Minute Meditation with No Talking and No Music

Hiking in Cathedral Wash, Vermilion Cliffs, AZ – Come and Join Me! (Also testing a SPOT Device in a Canyon)

The Chiricahua Mountains and National Monument

Water Holes Canyon ~ A Beautiful Little Slot Canyon near Page, AZ ~ Come and Hike With Me!

Andean Flute Music in a Remote Canyon in Utah ~ Come & Hike With Me!

The Artwork at The Tanks ~ Slab City, CA

Fire Entertainers at Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2016

If you aren’t familiar with how YouTube works, here are the basics; Anyone can watch the video’s, no account needed. My channel is called Nomad for Nature and Tranquil Light Photography, but within the Channel, there are Playlists (categorized video’s). My Playlists (at this time) break down as follows: Outdoor Adventures (Hiking backpacking etc), Personal Locator Beacons (Using and testing), How-to’s and Miscellaneous, My Favorite Nomad Songs, Wildlife and Nature (Relaxing & Healing), Living/Traveling in a Van, Slab City (aka The Slabs), Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, Photography & Miscellaneous, Estes Park Floods of 2013. This will change of course. When you click the Playlist tab you will only see the first few playlists on the HOME page, but at the bottom of this list in a tab that says MORE, you will find more playlists.

To toggle between Playlists and Videos, look for the tabs that are directly under the header. That’s it!

If you find you enjoy my video’s, then please go ahead and sign up for notifications so you don’t miss any in the future, and please share them on your favorite social platform or by email so others can take a walk or drive with me in nature. Many of my followers are unable to do this kind of thing and live their lives vicariously through videos like mine and those on similar channels.

Thank you for respecting the earth, each other, and the author of this blog.

~ Namaste ~

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature



*You can buy me a cup or two of Ko-fi for just $3.00 each. It’s super easy, all you need is a credit card.

*You can purchase an image, card, tote bag, t-shirt or other items from my photography store at Tranquil Light Photography.com (or share the web page on your favorite social platform).

HOME: http://NomadforNature.wordpress.com/


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