Dinosaur National Monument to Teton National Park In Pictures

October 14 – 18, 2017 – ~ Solo Travels Winter 2017/2018 ~ Part 2

Between my last travel post and this one, I spent several days in and around Vernal, Utah. I need to warn you that Vernal has the WORST bandwidth, internet and 3G signal I’ve ever experienced. It was so bad I thought there was something wrong with my laptop, and ended up re-installing Windows 10, which is a serious thing to do. Even Starbucks couldn’t provide anything better than a dial-up type of speed, but it’s not their fault. Please don’t make my mistake, it’s just that Vernal has some catching up to do when it comes to data towers and such. During this whole ordeal, I also asked three different people where the library was (to see if their WiFi was any better), and all three of them sent me to the Juvenile Corrections Office. Need I say more.


One of the nice things about traveling on your own is that you have the ability to take a side trip any time you see a sign pointing to something interesting, just signal, brake and turn. In this case, the sign read simply ‘Dinosaur Trackway.’

Here is the trailhead: https://goo.gl/maps/YFA8fkG9qVn and it’s a short and enjoyable hike down to the trackway (2.20 mi one-way), which you can find at the edge of the reservoir. If the reservoir is high, you might not be able to find them, (and there is one set you might see even better if you are lucky) but I found most of the trackways. After visiting that I continued along Donkey Flat Road, onto a dirt road at the end and found a spot for the night. A couple of trucks drove by, otherwise, it was very peaceful.

After paying homage to Dilophosaurus I continued up Hwy 191 North to 44 north and drove by The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Temps outside were quite bitter, with a strong headwind.

Onto Hwy 530 North, and into Wyoming, passing through Green River and back onto 191 North towards Teton National Park.

Hover over images to see where or what they are.

Before continuing onto Teton NP and Yellowstone NP, I spent a few days camping at Warren Bridge and resting up. This little spot is one of those treasures of the road, because not only does it have toilets, a picnic table, a fire ring, a river running by, it’s also free (at least in 2017). Some kind person left a huge pile of firewood behind, so I had a campfire two nights in a row. When I first found this spot a few years back it was just dispersed camping, but now it has been improved by the BLM. There are 12 different camping locations with several camp spots in each along a 9-mile stretch of the Green River.

After resting up for three nights, I continued on into Grand Teton National Park. If you enjoy my photography, please take a moment to visit my photography store at www.TranquilLightPhotography.com. By making a purchase or sharing the link on social media, you are helping to support this blog and the poor starving artist that creates it, and I thank you.

In my next update, I’ll be sharing some images I took at Yellowstone National Park. I hope you’ll sign up for notifications, and please share with your friends.

Until then…enjoying the view and the countless horizons.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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4 responses to “Dinosaur National Monument to Teton National Park In Pictures

  1. Last Saturday I tented at Concho Lake campground where by 0620 the next morning it had dropped to 16 F. My vintage alcohol-fueled Heat Pal took the edge off but why did I have to venture out to relieve myself 3 times that night?! Geez, must be geriatritis… for forgetting to bring that bottle! lol

    The trip payed off as I confirmed my desire to have a particular parcel in the area that Sunday. Purchased it today.

    But what really made the day special, even more than the little acre of heaven-on-earth I found, was finding a HEAVY round walnut-sized meteorite. I wonder if the dinosaur who’s track you looked at saw it shooting through the sky?


    Gotta do some Christmas shopping soon so will of course visit your store, Roxy!

    Happy Thanks Giving!


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