The Gift of Nature in Pictures


As many of you know, one of the reasons I choose to live this lifestyle is so I can be out in nature, which gives me the opportunity to write about it (sometimes in the form of poetry), but also to take pictures and share them with you. I do this with the hope of inspiring people not only to get out more but to also love nature and this magnificent planet more deeply and ultimately feel a need to protect and care for it.

However, after all that hard work it would be silly of me not to do anything else with my photography, and many of you may not be aware that I have an online store that features some of my favorite images, and because photography isn’t just for walls anymore, I have some of my pictures available for sale in different formats.


You can purchase one of my images to hang on a wall as a framed print or as a canvas, acrylic, metal or wood print and even as a poster. However, most of my images can also be printed on a tee shirt or a tote bag, throw cushion, shower curtain, beach towels, bedspread and much more.


I’m aware that most of my followers are travelers of some kind and many have no need or room for ‘stuff,’ and many more are trying very hard to get rid of excess stuff. In fact, I promote simplicity, so I find myself in a difficult position when I try to sell my own products, and I sometimes wonder does this make me a hypocrite? Perhaps, but the fact remains that I still have to make an income because none of us can live without money these days (well, unless you are The Man Who Quit Money). The money I make on my photography usually goes into repairs and improvements on my van, a.k.a. Studley Van, and as you know, vehicles always need something.

showthrowpillowpreview (1)bull-elk-in-wildflowers-tranquil-light-photography

Anyhow, you may not need anything for your own home, but perhaps one of these images (and this is just a tiny sampling, there are so many choices on my web page) would look perfect in the home of a family or friend, and the tote bag could even work for a nomad because it’s useful, and there is still time to place your order and get it before the holiday season.


So won’t you please visit my photography store and take a look, and if photography isn’t the right gift for your dear ones, then please purchase your gifts from another friend or acquaintance that creates something unique, instead of Amazon or some other big store. In this manner, you will also be helping out the artist who puts much love, skill, time and attention to their work.

showtotebagpreview (1)showtshirtpreview

One final thing, for a limited time I’m offering a discount on any purchases made on my web page. Between now and January 7, 2018, redeem this code on your order you’ll get a small discount: BMDGDU. The discount will come off my profit and not the whole amount, so I can’t tell you how much it will be exactly. (All my photography is print-on-demand, so I have mark-ups on my items and the discount will be taken off my markup only not the entire purchase). And don’t worry, all items are 100% guaranteed so if you aren’t happy with your purchase you can get a full refund.

With that, I’d like to I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best during this Holiday Season and for the New Year to come.

Please feel free to share, like, and comment.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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