Lucky to be Living Outdoors–The Good Times

I’m going through some old posts, and I thought this was lovely enough to share again. Keep in mind that when I wrote this, I think I was living in a Subaru Outback.

Sunset as seen from the tail-gate of my car

There are the sunsets that turn the skies blood-red, their beauty disrupted only by mountain tops, treetops, and canyon rims.

There is the peace and serenity that comes from no light pollution, no traffic noise, no glaring lights from nearby homes, no dogs barking incessantly.

There is the evening chorus of birds saying goodnight to each other, and the final call of the robin.

There is the sound of hummingbird wings, and crickets, bees, flies, and coyotes howling.

Hummingbird on her nest during an end of day walk near camp

All enjoyed from the tail-gate of my vehicle, or a stroll across the meadow, or through the pine trees.

There is the magic hour, when the light changes, regardless of whether it is cloudy or sunny.

This hummingbird sat on a bush nearby for a long time, and just watched me

There are those moments when raccoons play on top of my vehicle,

and when the rain falls and drums me to sleep.

Or when it is a clear night, and all I have to do is open my eyes to see the stars through the car window,

and watch the constellations move through the night.

Halo around the moon

There are visitations from curious birds, rabbits, ground squirrels, bobcats, and other wildlife,

and yes, bugs too.

There is the feel of the outdoors being only an arms-length away, or only one door away,

or if the door is open, or the window is down, it is right there.

There are no walls.

Rainbow in Virga and the canyon rim as viewed from the tail-gate of my car

How many people can say that when they swing their legs out bed, they have to avoid treading on a wildflower,

or stepping in elk poop.

Who washes their car, only when it rains.

There is the dawn chorus,

The first rays of sunlight that warm cold cheeks,

Wildflowers in camp

Or patterns of frost on the windows from warm breath,

and the morning stretch, while breathing fresh air directly from the source.

These are just a few of the things I love about living in my car, away from roads, houses,

and the typical American lifestyle.

How lucky I am.

A wren, one of many birds that visited me while I sat on my tail-gate

Enjoying the good life

A Nomad for Nature

(Originally published on my (then) blog ‘A Free-Spirited Woman’ in July 2012)

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