Oh To Be An Elk

(This little poem was written just for fun, but oh so true, at least in Estes Park, CO).


Bull Elk in wildflowers.cropped2

Picture by Roxy Whalley ~ Available to purchase at www.TranquilLightPhotography.com/– Just click the image to see this picture larger.


The eElk are everywhere in the spring time of year,

they cross the roads and show no fear.

They stand in the road and cause traffic jams,

delighting all their tourist fans.


Newborn calves will frolic and play,

but watch out for Mama, she’ll chase you away!

All day long they walk and eat,

with plenty of food right at their feet.


To a house with no curtains, they’ll approach with care,

then peer in through the window and stare and glare.

The green of the golf course is tastier than hay,

so golfers watch out; cause elk love to play.


Elk are warier as fall time grows near,

They’ve learned that hunters are humans to fear.

A property line they’ll walk around,

to avoid being shot on private ground.


This is also the season they put on a show,

“Who’s got the best rack?” they want to know.


But the best part of fall needless to say,

are the fun things the bulls get to do all day.


They bugle and fight and appear to play,

but during the night get a roll in the hay.


~ Roxy Whalley ~


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bull-elk-in-wildflowers-tranquil-light-photography (1)bull-elk-in-wildflowers-tranquil-light-photography


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