Sculptured by Nature (Exploring Off the Beaten Path)

April 2017

It seems there are very few places left that have not been trampled by man, but there are still a few that are known about but are still somewhat of a secret. My intention here is to share one such place with you, but not to give away the exact location. If you do some thinking and detective work, you may be able to figure out where this is, but I’m not going to just hand it to you on a plate. There are many reasons for this secrecy, a couple being; 1) I made a promise to the BLM that I wouldn’t divulge the location of this place. 2) I want to keep it somewhat hidden from the hordes and masses that would disrespect it. Those of you who are willing to figure it out are deserving of the reward.

That being said, all I’m going to share with you are pictures. Enjoy!

My hike started on an established trail, but after about a mile or so I cut off it into an area that didn’t require a permit to hike in. However, it was close to an area that required a special permit, so it’s necessary to know where the boundary line is before you go.

I was scrambling up the rocks and reminded myself to look for snakes, and right at that moment, this beautiful bull snake made an appearance. I estimate that he had to be at least 4-ft long, maybe more. I couldn’t see his whole body until I scrambled above him.

A responsible off-trail hiker will take their time…the desert doesn’t spring back like in some parts of the country. Please avoid stepping on plants, shrubs, cryptobiotic soil (the black stuff you can see in the picture of the snake. In some places it grows like a thick carpet), delicate edges of rocks, and of course the local wildlife, including scorpions and snakes because they are all essential to a healthy environment.

Please hover over the images to learn more (or not).

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. I also recorded some parts of this hike and you can watch the video on my YouTube Channel by clicking here Nature’s Sculpture Garden ~ Come and Explore With Me. There might be a few more clues in it, but I still won’t be telling you the exact location.

I hope you are enjoying my travels and that you’ll continue the journey with me. Please visit the HOME page to find more articles, and feel free to share, sign up and leave a comment. Also please visit my YouTube Channel. Until next time…remember to step outside of your comfort zone as often as possible and watch it expand.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature


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