The White Rim Road ~ Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park, UT

I was thinking about this trip I made with a friend in October 2013 and decided to re-post it.

A Nomad for Nature

The Road down to the White Rim Trail, Canyonlands NP, Island In The Sky, Utah

Occasionally I meet up with a friend of mine (Norm) and we go on a little adventure together, and in October 2013 we decided to do The White Rim Road.

If you’ve ever been to the Island-in-the-Sky section of Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah, you may have looked down on The White Rim Road, which is a 100-mile-long unpaved four-wheel drive road that traverses the top of the White Rim Sandstone formation below the Island in the Sky mesa.

We did this in my friends Land Cruiser and it took three days and two nights, with camping by permit only. There are some scary parts (serious four wheel enthusiasts will laugh at that comment, but it’s all relevant), and it certainly isn’t for anyone afraid of heights as you can tell from the above image. That is the Schafer Trail and it’s the road that drops down from Island…

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