Conquer the Fear of Traveling Alone

A Nomad for Nature


I have often been asked by people, especially women (but men too), if I’m scared to travel on my own. The fear they feel of traveling outside their comfort zone, such as their town, county or State, into the unknown on their own, seems to be the biggest thing holding them back.

I have always given them the same answer; to just take it one step at a time.

If you can drive just one mile (on your own) into unknown territory, then you can drive one more mile, then another.

If you can drive 10-separate miles, then you can drive ten more.

If you get scared, you already know that there is nothing to fear on the road behind you, and it’s now familiar ground, so you can always turn around and return to your safe place if you wish to.

However, if you can go 50-miles, you can…

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