The Science of Earth and Water Vortices–Sedona

April 6 – 7, 2017

The Science of Sedona’s Vortices

If you’ve ever visited the beautiful town of Sedona, AZ, chances are you’ve been to at least one of the four known vortex sites.  These sites are thought to have a swirling energy that leaves the earth’s crust, and some people can feel the energy move if they are in the right frame of mind and body and its connection with the earth.

I’ve been to Sedona before and have felt some kind of energy movement while I’ve been at a couple of these sites, but I’ve also experienced similar and much stronger energy forces from the earth in places far from known vortices. So I asked myself “Is there scientific proof that these vortices exist? and where are they most likely to exist?”

Phoenix-based electrical engineer Benjamin Lonetree has been doing tests using a variety of scientific instruments and methods for over a decade now. He has concluded that the high amount of iron oxide combined with the substantial amount of quartz deposits in the Sedona play a part in the measurable outflows and inflows of magnetic energy that he has found in the Sedona area.

He also believes that there is a connection between human brainwaves and the vortexes energy. He came to this conclusion after doing tests with a portable EEG device and matching that data with real-time measurements of environmental magnetic energies using a magnetometer. Since humans and other mammals have magnetically-sensitive magnetite in their bodies, it makes sense that the energy from the vortex could affect some people if they are in-tune with their bodies.

Unfortunately, the last two times I’ve visited these well-known sites I’ve not been able to feel anything. Perhaps it has something to do with the huge increase of visitors to these areas. There have been droves of people talking loud and even yelling, or jumping in front of cameras to get in-the-air pictures, and whole families or groups of young people getting ‘selfies,’ and just a general lack of respect for those who are trying to meditate. These places have become tourist attractions, and as with most places I visit these days, they have pretty much been ruined for many of those that seek these places for more intimate reasons.

But there is hope; A USGS areal survey of the Sedona area found magnetic anomalies throughout the entire area, so if you go to Sedona there is a pretty good chance you could find a lovely quiet energy field of your own, far away from madding crowd if you are willing to hike and explore and are in the right frame of mind.

It’s also good to know that there are many areas on the planet that have the right kind of geology to create a positive energy site or vortex. Geologic structures (such as faults or igneous intrusions) often produce small magnetic fields that ‘distort’ the main magnetic field of the Earth. Layers and combinations of different minerals, volcanic lava shafts, and many other factors can effect the energy field on the surface of the earth.

Here is a video I took at the Boynton Canyon Vortex a couple of years ago: Boynton Canyon Didgeridoo Healing. I’m not hugely into crystals and the metaphysical stuff, but I’m sure not going to turn down a chance like this when it comes along.

Keep in mind though, that there are also negative vortexes. You have probably heard of some of these; The Bermuda Triangle, Devils Sea Triangle, Hamakulia and more. These are known sometimes also called Vile Vortices and do not have the same kind of healing energy that Sedona is known for. I’m sure there are a lot of smaller negative vortex sites all over the planet, which could explain why we sometimes get a chill down our spine, or just a bad feeling about a certain area.

Some other well-known Vortex sites are Loch Ness, The Pyramids of Egypt, The Center for Tibetan Enlightenment in the Himalayas, some Ley Lines in Scotland, and more around the world like Kiev, Easter Island and so on, all with different kinds of Vortices

Of course I’m no expert here, I just decided to ask a few questions (a habit of mine) and seek a few answers (another habit), and throw a snippet of my findings out there for you to toss around in your own noggins for a spell, and there’s plenty of food for thought on the internet if you wish to explore this more.

Like I said above, I didn’t feel anything at either the Bell Rock vortex site or the Airport site on this particular visit (but I had a lot of fun exploring the rocks) because, in addition to the large number of people, I probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind. I’d just spent 8 days dealing with a stranded vehicle, and I was still having problems on the day I drove to these sites. It was just a squealing belt and replacing it solved the problem, but it didn’t make for a tranquil mind.

Vortexed Water?

However, I had an entirely different kind of vortex experience while I was in Cottonwood in preparation for the next leg of my trip.

I’d just been into a store and returned to my van to see a woman inspecting it. I’ve got used to people admiring Studley, I mean… he isn’t named Studley for no reason. When I approached her the woman asked if she could see how I’d kitted him out, and wanted to know about my lifestyle and what it was like for a woman on her own to live this way.

So I gave her the 5c tour, and we chatted for a while, after which I went to a nearby restaurant for my monthly treat of lunch out.

While I was sitting there enjoying my food, the same lady walked into the restaurant and handed me a box, and said it was a gift for me to keep. She said the paperwork inside would explain what it was, and then she left.

natural-action-technologies-portable-group2 (1)

I looked at this mysterious little item with curiosity but didn’t have my reading glasses with me, so just boxed it up again and saved it for later. I had no idea that this total stranger had just given me a device that creates structured water, and its value was almost $400.00.

When I visited the web page later ( I learned that this device would turn my tap water, and any water source into structured water, which simply put is water that’s had its molecules realigned to a natural state the way nature intended it. It is therefore considered to be much healthier water because it has returned to its natural state, rather than a broken up mess of molecules created by the very unnatural process of purification, the addition of numerous toxic chemicals and recycling done by man (I think of it as sick water). I’d never heard of structured water before and found it all quite fascinating. If you’d like to learn more click the link above or do a search online for Structured Water.

I’ve been using this little device faithfully in my van, and I’ve been feeling wonderful, but I’ve also been working on getting rid of my chronic pain (75% improvement at this point), so I can’t say for sure how big of a part the structured water has played. However, what I do believe is that this device came into my life at a time of healing for a reason, and using it in conjunction with the other things I’m doing, it has helped me to heal quicker than I would have without it. I can say that the combination of having less pain and using this device has improved my positive outlook on life enormously. I have more energy and am much happier and am enjoying and living life even more than before.

I don’t know if this lady is following my blog or not (I hope you are reading this), but I’d like to say thank you again. Thank You! This is one of the many wonderful gifts I received from total strangers in the past year. Some of the gifts I’ve received have no monetary value, but they have been priceless.

It was now the second week of April and time to head towards northern Arizona and Utah. I’d accepted a job in Colorado starting the second week of May, and there were a lot of places I wanted to visit before I started work for the summer, so the next day I headed north up Cottonwood Canyon and out of Sedona.

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of my travels during the winter of 2016/2017, and hope you’ll continue the journey with me. Please visit the HOME page to find more articles, and feel free to share, sign up and leave a comment. Also please visit my YouTube Channel. Until next time…remember to step outside of your comfort zone as often as possible and watch it grow.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature ~ Be Dareful Out There!


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