Silent Snow ~ A Poem

Snow in the Mountains

Tires crunched on crystalline stars,

as I drove into the park,

with no need for headlights,

the snow was so bright in the moonlight.


Standing at an overlook by the road,

I found the ticking of the cooling engine annoying,

so I walked up the abandoned road,

until the noise faded from earshot and there was only silence.

Such silence.


With breath held, I listened,

but could only hear the pounding of my own heart.

No patter of feet,

no song of night birds,

no wind or breeze to disturb the air.

Such stillness.


The chill I felt was not from the cold,

for strangely, I felt warm,

with the clouds holding in the heat from the earth,

and blocking the sounds of life.



I clicked my fingers to ensure I had not gone deaf,

Is this what deafness is like, I wondered.

A feeling of detachment from the world,

fearful of the noise I made by standing still.


I felt as though I were trespassing,


out of place.

The silence pressed on my heart,

squeezed it tight.

Such intense beauty.


Unease settled like lead,

so I returned to the welcome ticking of my car.


By Roxy Whalley – December 2005

All rights reserved


I remember this night very well. There was a full moon, and it was so big and bright that headlamps really were not needed, in fact, I could see better without them. I did not see another vehicle or sign of life. Any life. It was so very, very, cold, and clear, and still. I felt as though I were the only person on the planet. Not a sound penetrated this beauty, no matter how hard I strained my ears. Nothing.



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2 responses to “Silent Snow ~ A Poem

  1. I just printed your poem to read to writing group on a lead I’m working on called “awe.” Never heard a better example of awe. Wonderful poem. Also, have enjoyed all your recent blogs and pics. Looking forward to seeing you sometime in May. Lugs – ANNE



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