Five Palms and Holtville Hot Springs

January 31 – February 4, 2017

After the RTR, Jim, Jim and Shannone, and I decided to take a break from the E and Q area, and soak in some hot springs. We were a small band of gypsies going down the highway.

I made a YouTube Video of Five Palms Hot Springs. I think watching that will give you a great idea of what it was like there. When we arrived at Five Palms, Jim and Jim both got stuck in the sand and were partially rescued by naked men. You really have to watch the video, and the hot springs were beautiful.

Here are a few pictures to entice you.

Here’s the video ~ Five Palms Hot Springs, CA, and Stuck in Sand – The springs are located about 15-miles east of Brawley. Heads Up – Don’t expect really hot water here, the water temperature is about 92 degrees, which is lovely and warm, but not hot.

Directions: Take Hwy 78 East from Brawley, CA towards Glamis. After crossing the East Highline canal take the first Right turn on Whitlock Rd. Go South 2.7 miles and turn left. Follow road East over the rise and it will Turn North. In about a half mile you will see the Palm trees in the desert. GPS Lat. 32.951454, Long. 115.284449

We spent a couple of nights at Five Palms, then went to Holtville Hot Springs, which is just east of El Centro, off I8.

There is a beautiful lagoon right next to the hot springs. These are very different from Five Palms, as you can see in the pictures below, and they are very hot. Before entering, people are required to take a shower first. I learned that there is a faucet that people can get water from, but it’s not drinking water. However, it is great for washing your clothes with, because there is naturally occurring borax in the water.

There is free camping near Holtville Hot Springs, on the other side of the interstate (there is a pass under I8), and also an LTVA campground. (Long term visitor area).

After visiting the hot springs, we decided to spend a night at Mittry Lake, on our way back to Ehrenberg. Alaska Jim knew where there was a hidden spot, so we followed him in. There was just enough room for our three vehicles.

It was a chilly night, and we had a camp fire while also having a movie night, complete with popcorn. Guess what the movie was….you got it Into The Wild. It was the perfect way to end our little escape from E & Q (Ehrenberg and Quartzsite).

After Mittry Lake, we returned to Ehrenberg. I had to get my solar installed, Jim had to return to Alaska to work (-32 degrees), and Jim and Shannone had the family to visit and also had to prepare for a trip to Mexico. Our little band was parting ways, and in my next post, I too head out on my own once again.

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of my travels during the winter of 2016/2017, and hope you’ll continue the journey with me. Please visit the HOME page to find more articles, and feel free to share, sign up and leave a comment. Also please visit my YouTube Channel. Until next time…remember to step outside of your comfort zone as often as possible.
Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature
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4 responses to “Five Palms and Holtville Hot Springs

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  2. Ahh, great! Next time I’m down that way definitely want to visit the hot springs! Loved the video too. You never know who your gonna run into on the road or where help will come from ! 😁


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