A Collection of Sunsets from 2016

In celebration of 2016, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sunsets with you. I had a hard time choosing but tried to offer some variety in my choices. You can hover over the image to see where the image was taken. You’ll notice I don’t have very many sunset pictures during the summer months. That’s because I was in Estes Park, Colorado for the summer, and this year it was so crowded I pretty much just went into hibernation when I didn’t have to work. The two spots I camped in had beautiful sunsets, but one wasn’t good for photography, and I have shared one image below from the other spot.

A Collector of Sunsets

I have fallen in love with sunsets since I started to travel so much and have become a sort of collector of them.

I try to camp in spots where I know I’ll get a special sunset should the lighting co-operate. Red rock country offers the most spectacular sunsets imaginable because of the red hues in the rock, but the desert south-west offers up a pretty consistent stream of red skies. Sadly, I think some of it comes from pollution like crop dusting, and sunsets are often more spectacular near larger populations and cities. (I guess it helps to make up for the lack of starry nights near big cities). When there is a night with clouds dotted around, I always get more excited. Usually the best time for catching the color on cloudy nights is a little while after the sun has set, and the rocks, hills, or whatever the terrain may be, has turned dark gray or black. The magic happens when the sun dips far beyond, and then the light reflects off the underside of the clouds. I see so many people watch the sun vanish behind the horizon, then get in their cars and drive away. Often, if they had waited another 15 minutes, they would have had the show of their lives.

I hope you enjoy the choices I made. Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think may enjoy it.







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All images are copyrighted

May Your Days be Filled With Magical Sunrises,

Whether Shared With Loved Ones,

or On Your Own.


And May They Be In Varied Locations

Even If You Don’t Stray Far From Home.


Go Somewhere Different,

Try Something New,

for the Lighting Will Change

and So Will the View,

and the End of the Day,

Will be Special to You.

~ ~ ~ ~

Happy 2017

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature



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