April 2016 ~ Returning to Colorado…Slowly

This is the continuation of my travels in the winter of 2015/2016, and they are slowly drawing to a close.

After visiting The Wave, my new friends and I decided to hike to the Wahweap Hoodoos the next day. I’m glad I was with other people, because it was a long slog up a wide wash to reach them, and it would have been pretty boring on my own. The Toadstools however, were quite interesting.

I had arranged for a friend to come out from Colorado and meet me in Moab, so we could do a couple of things together.

However, I rarely just drive straight to somewhere, so on my way back to Moab, I decided to stop off at Bryce Canyon for a couple of days.

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And of course, I always have to spend a night on the east side of Capitol Reef. The colors and the geology of The Waterpocket Fold are truly fascinating. I didn’t go far off the blacktop while camping here for the night because rain was expected, and I suspect that this clay would turn pretty nasty when wet.

Oh…and I forgot to mention The Old Paria Townsite (it’s between Page and Kanab) also called The Rainbow Cliffs. I met a couple of people out here, and have remained friends with them. In fact, I’ve made more lasting friendships while on the road, or in remote places, than I have made when living in one place. I guess it makes it easier in some ways, because we already have one thing in common; a love for nature.

Oh, and there was this place. It has a name….%#**%@### Secret. However, I promised the BLM Ranger who told me about this, that I wouldn’t disclose where it was or spread it’s name around, so I will just call it The Secret Place.

And well, I’m sure you’re sick of seeing all this beauty by now….

There will be one more post on my travels of 2015/2016, and then we can move on to the summer of 2016, and some new posts I have planned that are a little more informational, and not just all this travel and beauty stuff Smile.

Until next time, be sure to seek out those secret places and treasure them.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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