March 2016-Part 8 ~ The Wave

This is the continuation of my travels during the winter of 2015/2016…I’ve almost come full-circle now, and am on my way back to Colorado for the summer.

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Coyote Buttes North starts at the same trail head as Wire Pass, which is a narrow slot canyon that leads into Buckskin Gulch, one of the longest slot canyons in the world. I did a backpacking trip down this canyon in 2008. If you’d like to see a video of it, click here: Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch to The Paria River ~ You Tube Video. (Permit required for backpacking).

So after visiting Zion National Park, I decided see if I could win a permit for The Wave, in the Coyote Buttes Special Management Area. This stunningly beautiful area of Utah became so over visited, that the BLM decided to protect it by only allowing twenty people a day to visit it. Each morning (except Sunday’s) a lottery is held at The Kanab Ranger Station at 9:00 am, and there are ten permits issued through the lottery, and ten online. You are NOT allowed to visit this section of Coyote Buttes North without one of these permits.

This was my third attempt at the lottery and the numbers were in my favor. You see, my lucky number is thirteen, but I didn’t draw that number. However, the woman sitting next to me did have number thirteen, so I shouldered up to her and hoped the luck would rub off on me. When my number was drawn, I was naturally elated (she blamed getting #13 for her bad luck). Then a couple of other women won, and it just so happened that their number and mine added up to thirteen, and guess what, we all ended up going to The Wave together.

As you can see above, the day started out snowy, and we knew there was more snow coming later that afternoon, but we said lets do it anyway. (The concern out here is for the road, and how bad it could get with a heavy, wet, snow). I camped near the trailhead the night before the hike, and Sunny and Stephanie drove out from their motel.

I have been careful not to show any images of the actual location of The Wave in these pictures. We were given a picture map with very clear directions, but we did come across a group of people out there without a permit, and I’ve learned that a fair number of people try to find it without following the rules. That is why I’m not sharing any shots of the actual location, maybe it will protect it just a bit. The rangers do patrol this area and attempt to catch people who try to sneak out here without a permit.

As you can see the hike to The Wave is pretty spectacular.

And then we arrived at The Wave. Here are a few shots of the mini waves around The Wave.

The coloration and patterns were stunning.

And then there was this…

When I stood in The Wave, I truly felt my heart fill with the sheer beauty and marvel of this place. I opened my arms and took a deep breath, allowing the silence and the to beauty fill me. This was not a pose, this was me opening my arms in gratitude, this was me filling my soul with raw, unfiltered nature. An artists palette created by the elements, by rain, wind, oceans and time. So much time it’s hard to comprehend…

You can imagine how many pictures I took…and I decided to put a few of them up for sale in my photography store. You can view or purchase them here: Red Rock Country ~ Tranquil Light Photography.

As my new friends and I were getting ready to leave, a couple of other people started to arrive. As you can see the clouds had broken for us and the sun had come out and melted all the snow, but as we were leaving the next round of snow was moving in and the clouds were building. We made it back to our vehicles just as it started snowing again.

I feel very fortunate to have drawn a winning ticket that day. I would have loved to have more time out there as I’ve been told there is a second wave which I’d love to find, but maybe another time…

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Thank you, and remember to embrace and protect this beautiful planet that is our home.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

3 responses to “March 2016-Part 8 ~ The Wave

  1. I just became aware of your site, when you visited my site It appears that I will have many hours of fun exploring these places. Thank-you for giving me many ideas. I’m sure that I’ll find some new adventure in some place that you have made me aware of. Sure wish I knew where that secret spot was that sculpts that rock. I live in the desert, and that lichen in the soil is a marker of a healthy ecosystem. We always walk around it, generally by using surrounding rocks. It breaks my heart to see what cattle do to the stuff. They quickly destroy it, the substrata blows and washes away and we are left with rough exposed rock, desegregation and on and on. It is evident most places in the southwest wherever cattle roam.
    I hope that you enjoy our site and similarly, you find someplace new to visit.


    • You can be at peace knowing that the cryptobiotic soil in that ‘secret’ place is protected. The cows are fenced out or on the other side of the cattle grid 🙂 Grazing has done so much damage to this beautiful country (but feeds lots are horrendous places too). If only people could learn to eat less meat the land and the people here would be so much better off. – Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy past and future posts. Please feel free to share in any way you choose and be sure to sign up if you haven’t already.


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