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I could just walk into the desert.

My final adversity would be finding the strength to give…

to give in.

Rather than fight.

There would be the one final struggle,

The final pain,

Then no more fighting to face another loss of home, loss of belongings,

Loss of everything.

The final struggle would be to let go of the only thing I have of true value;


I could just walk into the desert.


Roxy Whalley – March 24, 2011


Above is a poem I wrote back in March 2011. It was a time of great struggle for myself…it was one of several times I found myself in a position where I had to give up almost everything I owned in order to get by and survive another week (with the exception of my car and a few choice belongings). I’m not asking for sympathy here, it is simply reality, this is life and we all go through hard times…

I consider poetry and writing a great way to get out the emotion, the hurt, the stress. When I put it down on paper, set it aside, then read it again later on, I find it helps me to put everything into perspective. It will show my strengths and weaknesses, help me to make decisions and face things with more determination, and compassion. On this occasion I clearly was at an all time low, but as always, I survived it. And there lies the message…this too shall pass.


2 responses to “Adversity

  1. Words of wisdom, to be sure. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I’ve been following your blog for a couple months now, I’m hoping to one day take on the same adventure as you, living out of a van. I first “met” you, lol, on your video interview with Bob Wells. I take inspiration from you! But it’s true, the adventure is not always filled with sunshine and roses and perfect weather days, and it’s important to include that. It is part of the inner adventure, I suppose.

    Blessings to you! 🙂

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