Pine Marten On a Tree ~ Roxy Whalley

Every once in a while there will be one of those ‘extra special’ moments in life. The day this pine marten decided to pay me a visit while I was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park was one of those days. The pine marten found me, not the other way around. He was a playful little thing, jumping around in the deadfall and running back and forth up and down the trail, getting close then dashing away. He was brave, and beautiful, and full of life, and totally in his element. He was living in an area of the park that had suffered a serious blow-down a year or two prior. It was a serious jumble of widow-makers, snags, and whole trees toppled in their prime. I could not step one foot off the trail before being halted by the mess, but this little fellow loved it.

If you are a pine marten fan, and would like to purchase this image, or gain copyright permission, just click on the image to visit my web page.

Photographer ~ Roxy Whalley ~ All rights reserved

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