Fall in the Colorado Rockies

It’s fall in the Colorado Rockies, and the aspens have turned gold. Heavy clouds gather over Rocky Mountain National Park, and when they lift, we are treated to the sight of snow frosted peaks. An elk bugles, and up ahead I witness the bull wapiti herding his harem through McDonalds parking lot.

Temperatures have been dipping below freezing on many nights, and tonight we’re expecting 25 F. It’s getting too cold to stay here in Studley Van, but I have no choice right now. Fortunately I now have a Little Buddy Heater, and I also have a house sitting job for a while, so maybe I’ll survive the cold while I finish up things here in The Rockies.

I thought you might enjoy some images I’ve taken of this area of The Rockies. Try clicking on the images to see if it will take you to my web page, where you can see the image in better quality. Many pictures look much better when viewed larger (and these below are compressed), and while you’re there, please take a moment to give a like to any images you, well… like. And feel free to share this post and any of the images on my web page, in any manner you choose.


Framed In Gold

Cathedral In The Park

Click above image to view larger

Fall at Lake Estes

I’ll share some more pictures with you soon.

By the way…if you’re looking for Christmas gifts, please consider one of my photographs. They are available as prints in a variety or formats, but also as t-shirts, tote bags, blankets, bedspreads, shower curtains, and more. Pictures aren’t just for walls any more, and if none of the images above interest you, I have a fairly extensive collection on my web page at www.TranquilLightPhotogaphy.com/ and thanks for the share.

Hope you are enjoying Autumn, where ever you are.

Savor the Journey,

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

7 responses to “Fall in the Colorado Rockies

  1. Hi there fellow nomad. I sleep rough in Colorado year round and what you need is a 0 degree sleeping bag. Seriously, they’ve researched that stuff as if they were looking for a cure for cancer, and voila, came out with these amazing bags. They aren’t cheap but keep you toasty warm all night without having to stack blankets or put on layers. A shirt and shorts is all you’ll need.


    • LOL ~ Yes, I’ve survived many a bitter winter in Colorado, in minus -30F using two down bags rated to 30 F, and slept quite comfortably and very well..it’s getting out of them that’s hard. I’ve always used the heat from my vehicle engine, but I was in a small vehicle and I could reach the ignition without actually having to get out of my bags completely, It’s a little different in a van, I actually have to get out of bed and walk to the ignition, or turn on my Little Buddy heater, now that I have one….all is well 🙂 I have a number of posts that show the misery of getting up in -12 F or colder!!!! Brrrr. I really, dont want to do it any more, I’m turning into a wuss!

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      • The getting up part is what´s difficult, I agree. But what´s even worse is putting on freezing cold clothes! That´s why I now stuff some of my clothes into my still warm sleeping bag after getting up. Makes em a little less cold : – )

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  2. I lived in Denver for a couple of months in a small rented room. $80.00 a month rent cost. Then moved back to Southern California.


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