An Introduction to Studley

Two months ago I purchased a new vehicle; it’s a 2001 AWD Astro Van, and after much uncertainty as to whether I would be able to keep Studley or not, I now know that I can keep him (thank you everyone) and I’m finally ready to introduce you to him:

How he got his name:

I’ve never owned a male vehicle before; all my previous vehicles have been girls. (Don’t worry, I’m not losing it. I imagine that many of you have given your vehicles a name, and sexual preference). Anyhow, a friend and I were admiring my new van and trying to come up with a suitable name because ‘The Van’ is rather impersonal, especially when we spend so much time together and depend on each other so much.

That’s when my friend said, “Well, I think it’s definitely a ‘male’ van, if that helps at all.”

I smiled in amusement, and with a little giggle said, “Ooooh, it’s about time I had a Stud in my life Smile and especially one with knobby tires. He’s a stud with knobby tires,” (instead of knobby knees… LOL…well I think it’s funny).

My friend smiled in amusement and raise one eyebrow at me, and then I just blurted out; “Yes, It’s a very studley looking van indeed… perhaps I’ll name him Studley!”

And so it came to be…

Now Studley is kind of an English term, and the Mirriam-Webster dictionery describes it thus:

simple Definition of studly (or studley)

  • of a man : very attractive and masculine

And my new van definitely fits that description…heads turn and he receives looks of admiration from women AND men!

I still had to be sure that this name would be acceptable to people though (some people can be terribly prudish), so I tested it out on a few folks of various religious-beliefs, ethnicities, and sexual preferences, age groups and upbringings etc. I introduced him and watched their expression closely. Both men and women seemed to be a little surprised by the name, but once they got over the shock, the best part was that it made them all SMILE.

Big, broad smiles, amused smiles, puzzled smiles, shocked smiles, but smiles non-the-less. Even my sweet, 91-year old, ex-landlady produced a bemused smile, which made the wrinkles around her eyes deepen, and then caused her to let out a little giggle! And when one guy mentioned that when I said ‘Studley’ with my English accent, it sounded extra interesting, I was sold!

So please say Hi to Studley, and watch for us down the road. The first three letters on my license plate is RQJ – short for ~ Roxy’s Quintessential Journey! Quirky journey? quaint journey? (Nah)…okay, so I’m still working on that….

I will still be posting the rest of my travels in Mitzi up to the end of July 2016, when her journey ended (may she RIP and may her parts be recycled to help other vehicles continue their adventures)…but any travels from August on, will be in Studley.

Looking forward to the journey and whatever it holds, and hoping you’ll join us.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

11 responses to “An Introduction to Studley

  1. Nice to hear you n Studley are getting acquainted. Yes, he’s a looker, your night in shining armor. My van is also a male- guess that’s determined at assembly. Haven’t been able to figure his name, it’s slowly coming to me. We’ve only been friends since June. Odd thing recently happened to me; lost ALL info on phone. Couldn’t be retreaved. Years worth of people just gone in an instant. So once again I had to practice the art of letting go. This journey to van dwelling keeps me busy, the heat is so far the hardest part. Now, venturing out my comfort zone away from the proccemity of people I know is next on the to-do list. Hopefully I’ll leave Fl. this winter for Q. I have a feeling there’s more than I imagine waiting for me. My biggest fear is getting too low on funds while ( out there). Thankfully I have friends always willing to help if I need. Thanks for loving friends who really do care. Sorry Roxy to ramble on like this,,,. You n Studley have a great day. Andrea

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    • Stepping out of ones comfort zone is one of the scariest and most rewarding things you’ll ever do. 🙂 Just keep in mind, as your comfort zone grows and grows wider, your home ground grows, and your mind opens, and nothing is ever the same again ~ it is all far more awesome and wonderful! Good luck….hope to see you at Q. And getting low on funds is scary. I started out this journey without any, and have never been able to get ahead, it’s just been one set back after another. However, people who live in homes have the same problem. They now say that the majority of middle-class in the US are only TWO weeks away from being homeless. We at least are ahead of that game….ha ha!


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