Feb 2016 Part 3–Slab City ~ East Jesus & The Library

DSC01298 Stitch

The image above tells you a lot about Slab City. Basically, it’s a community that is mostly against society and all that comes with it, such as the rules, lies, laws, greed, control, brain-washing, deception and so on that IS society.

I think TV Row is one of my favorite pieces of art at East Jesus, which is a rather unusual outdoor art gallery, where the trash found on this baked piece of land has been turned into a variety of sculptures. The person who first chose this spot to call home, cleared it by turning the trash into art. Now it has become a sculpture garden, displaying the art of several different artists. Each artist has created something unique, and many folks will have a hard time understanding some of the work. If you are not accustomed to this way of thinking about society, you may have to work pretty hard to open your mind and try to understand it.


Of course, that is the whole point of this kind of art. It requires a person to really think, not only about the side you generally lean towards, but to think deeply about the OTHER side of things. To open up your mind, and explore these ideas from a totally different point of view than you may normally have. Some of these things are a little hard to comprehend, even for more open-minded and enlightened people.

Of course, I can’t show everything here, but I hope you enjoy what I’ve chosen.


The artwork above is called City Scape, or something like that. Unfortunately I didn’t get the guided tour



Even this gentleman (a resident of East Jesus, and I believe he was a sort of caretaker) wore his art.





I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I dearly hope that you…

open minded


Until next time….

Remember to be open minded to other peoples ideas, and step outside of your comfort zone as often as you can.


This is how you, and your world GROWS…


Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature



9 responses to “Feb 2016 Part 3–Slab City ~ East Jesus & The Library

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  4. Roxy – these are pretty interesting. I printed out some of them and took them to show writing group (with your blog site on top). Thanks, A



    • Yes, that is one of my favorite quotes. I stayed at Slab City for 10-days, it was a refreshing change from the usual way of living. (Even for a Nomad :-)) More to come…Nice to hear from you, hope you are doing well…


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