Bear Visitors…

Because I park (camp) in the mountains during the summer months, it’s not unusual to see bears. When they come to pay a visit to camp it is always a treat. Here are a few different incidents where I’ve had bears pay me a visit or have been close to camp. I’ll share more stories and pictures in another post, another time..


Bear visitor while I was camped close to Rocky Mountain National Park:

Towards the end of May, 2016, this beautiful cinnamon colored black bear came walking up to my vehicle. It was just getting dusk, and I was working on my laptop when I sensed movement near my door. I was awed at his size and beauty as he walked right up to my vehicle, and went to the rear end where he vanished from my sight, but I could hear him sniffing my car. I carefully moved to get my camera and my movement startled him, and he loped away a bit. I then took a couple of snap shots through the window before opening the door and letting him see me. He sauntered off slowly, sniffing plants and digging under things on his way. He didn’t cause any problem, and I didn’t think he’d return. A smart, non-habituated bear. I slept like a baby…

cinnamon bear 2

It’s not the first time I’ve had a bear visit me while in this particular location:

In June 2013 I was laying in the back of Mitzi, watching a movie, and munching on salt and vinegar potato chips when I sensed something outside my vehicle.

When I looked up, I saw a med-sized black bear approaching my vehicle slowly and his nose was twitching like crazy. I stopped my movie, and opened the door a crack to let the bear know that I was watching him. He paused for a moment and we made eye contact. Then he sniffed the air and started to move towards the rear of my vehicle, still keeping the same distance. As he passed by the rear end of Mitzi, he stopped again, and looked back over his shoulder. There was a look of longing in his eyes. Longing to get a closer look at what that delicious smell was, and a longing to taste it.

I thought it was interesting that this happened when it did, because just the day before I’d been joking with someone about how I hadn’t been visited by a bear yet, while living in my vehicle.

A few days later I learned that there was a big 500 lb. male black bear, roaming the same area. He had been tearing open big green dumpsters like candy bars, and causing havoc. Unfortunately, that bear will probably have to be trapped and removed, as he has also been getting a little aggressive with humans. After hearing the stories and seeing pictures of the bigger bear, all I can say is; I’m glad that wasn’t the bear that visited my vehicle that night.

One night a couple of weeks later I watched as a bear was trapped and hauled away. The trap was set almost within view of my vehicle:

I think it was the 500 lb. bear mentioned above. Apparently some people down the road had been leaving some kind of horse food out, and the bear had become accustomed to eating it. Because of this thoughtless act, this bear had become aggressive and was breaking into homes. It ended up being trapped and killed by the Division of Wildlife. I witnessed the trap being set, and then hauled away later with the bear in it. This was a very sad and upsetting incident for myself and my friend (whose property I park on), who loves the bears and always takes her bird feeders in once the bears start to come out of hibernation.



And in 2009 a mother with two cubs passed close by another one of the places I often parked (back then), at a Rangers cabin within Rocky Mountain National Park:

389 - Cinnamon Bear with her two cubs, in RMNP


Remember to savor the journey, keep a clean camp and keep an eye open for bears.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature



2 responses to “Bear Visitors…

  1. beautiful shots Roxy….so sorry to hear about the big black bear….people are just too careless and stupid and our majestic bears suffer for it. stay safe now 🙂


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