Jan 2016 Part 5 ~ Cibola National Wildlife Refuge (An Oasis in the Desert)

I spent several days visiting Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and camping nearby. I know I can be long-winded sometimes, so for this post I’m just sharing some pictures I took. You can click on the link to visit the page and learn more about the refuge.


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When I was ready to leave the refuge and the Ehrenberg area, I saw on the map that there was a small road going south directly from the refuge down to  Interstate 8. I decided to check it out, thinking I would leave that way, however, when I saw it I changed my mind. I may have 4×4, but I don’t see the sense in risking breaking something or getting stuck, especially when I’m on my own, so I travelled south through the farmers fields on the other side of the river in California instead. With the winding of the river I got confused in the maze of agricultural roads,  and asked some Mexican workers for help. They didn’t speak English, but one of them went to great pains to draw me a very detailed map. This was the first time I’d had to ask for help from a Mexican while in Arizona, and this and all my future experiences proved to me what a genuinely caring group of people they are. They were always willing to do what they could to help while offering up big smiles, and they seemed to take joy in helping. It was wonderful, because I don’t always get that kind of genuine response from white people when I ask for help, which is probably a cultural thing, and it’s sad.

I hope you enjoy the images above, please feel free to share anything on this site any way you choose.

Until next time…savor the journey.

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature


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