The Right Road



If we knew we were on the right road, having to leave it would mean endless despair.

But we are on a road that only leads to a second one, and then to a third one and so forth.

And the real highway will not be sighted for a long, long time, perhaps never.

So we drift in doubt.

But also in an unbelievable, beautiful diversity.

Thus the accomplishment of hope remains an always unexpected miracle.

But in compensation, the miracle remains forever possible.


By Franz Kafka

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4 responses to “The Right Road

  1. Roxy and Debra, I am so in awe of both of your lives! And wish I had the courage to do the same. All good wishes to you both.


    • You do have the courage….you just have to go one step at a time. I was forced into it for financial reasons, but then I came to love it. Making lemonade out of lemons. Just try a weekend, or one night close to home, maybe in a campground first. You’ll see there is nothing to fear. Good luck 🙂


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