Jan 2016 -Part 1 ~ Creepy Dude, Winter Solstice, Tuzigoot and Balancing on Rocks



Winter Solstice

After seeing UFO’s on New Years Eve (wink) I felt lucky to have had the opportunity to greet the New Year, and decided to visit the V-Bar-V Heritage site. There are many petroglyphs there and one of them is truly incredible, because it’s a glyph of the area as viewed from the sky, and I think its fascinating…I mean, how did they manage to get this map pecked in the rock so accurately? The image of the left was taken by satellite, and the one on the right is the petroglyph (in picture #1) and the river could have changed course since then. Could it have been shown to them by aliens? (Don’t worry, I’m not losing it.ha ha)…The second image below is of sunlight shining through a crack onto a calendar created by Native Americans, right at the end of the winter solstice  and it’s just hitting the applicable circle on the calendar. I felt lucky to have witnessed this because it only happens once a year. It’s not the best line because the solstice was pretty much at it’s end of its cycle, but I’ll take what I can.




Creepy Dude at The Hot Springs


I was still in the Sedona area and decided to take a ride out to The Verde Hot Springs. It’s a 24-mile drive from the highway, along some seriously bad dirt roads, and in places it was downright dangerous, but I held onto my steering wheel firmly and after a few hours arrived at Camp Verde. I was instantly greeted by a friendly young man who had told me the name of everyone in camp before I’d even had a chance to put Mitzi into park. After finding a camp spot and getting level,  I joined the group camp fire. Funny cigarettes were passed around (btw – I don’t smoke at all, including marijuana), along with various kinds of alcohol and food. There were otters in the river, and I listened to the loud splash of their tails but couldn’t see them in the dark. I learned about the river crossing that one had to do to get to the soaking pools (very, very, cold crossing in January, and could be quite swift) and decided to do it the next day but didn’t want to cross on my own. There was one problem with this plan; most people were leaving the next morning, and the only person who would be left was this great big guy who I was sure would be running around naked, and I just didn’t get a good vibe from him. So I convinced four young people to stay another day so that I wouldn’t be at the hot springs with this guy on my own. The two young couples had originally planned to stay another day anyway, except someone’s dog had run off with most of their food and they didn’t have anything left to eat. So I promised to feed them that night if they stuck around.




I always say that a girl’s best weapon is her intuition, and I was glad I listened to it this time ~ I walked to the river crossing with my new friends the next morning, and left my clothes by the river so they would be waiting there all nice and dry for my return crossing, and wore my swim suit to the pools. Then we all crossed the icy river and made a quick dash for the hot tubs. The big guy was already there and he had a t-shirt on, but when he got out of the water he was naked on the lower half. Not a problem really; it’s normal for this kind of hot tub location, except he had this habit of standing right by me at the edge of the pool, so that his private parts were dangling right in front of my face, and he was definitely flaunting them (he kept playing with them). I also learned from the other two girls that whenever I moved he was blatantly ogling me. NOT good hot spring etiquette at all. When we were all done soaking and crossed back over the river, he was waiting for me by his quad and asked if I wanted a ride back. Noooooooooooooo waaaaaayyyy! I’m so glad those young folks agreed to stay, it would have been a shame to have driven that long dirt road, and then not visited the pools because of that one person. And I wouldn’t have gone there alone with him around, no matter what!


I stayed that night, and then left the next morning. I’m glad I went there, but I probably wouldn’t go again. I don’t think the pools were worthy of that long of a drive, even if the roads had been in good condition. The best part was actually all the art work over the walls around the little pool I soaked in, but sadly I didn’t take my camera along (because of the river crossing), so I don’t have any pictures of that part to share with you.


DSC00618More Sedona

Back in Sedona I decided to take a walk up Cathedral Rock, and while up there a storm came in, but not before some kind person took this shot of me. There is something about Sedona that makes a person want to pose as though they do yoga regularly.








Tuzigoot National Monument

Despite the weather turning for the worse (this was a El Niño winter), I still had to hang out in the Sedona area because I was waiting for something to come in the mail, so I decided to visit Tuzigoot National Monument to pass away another day (and very pleasantly I might add, despite the cold).





When my stuff finally came in the mail, I decided it was time to head even further south with hopes of finding some warmer weather and some sunshine. It was time to make my way to Quartzsite, AZ…………. but I’m rarely one to travel in a hurry…


So, until next time, remember to savor the journey, no matter what the weather is like.


Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature



One response to “Jan 2016 -Part 1 ~ Creepy Dude, Winter Solstice, Tuzigoot and Balancing on Rocks

  1. Yes, those wilderness hot pools seem to attract a lot of strange and possibly dangerous people. Because of that fact i know of one that was closed down in California – The government came in and used heavy equipment (like a backhoe) to cover it up. It is a shame it is that way.


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