Images of Yellowstone

Just a few of the images that I’ve taken while in and around Yellowstone National Park. These images are all available for purchase on my web page, Tranquil Light Photography.


They are best viewed full-size, so just click on the image to be whisked away to my web page. From there you can enjoy the full view, and if you wish you can leave a comment or a like, share with your friends, or purchase a print in metallic, on canvas, acrylic and more, or as a shopping bag, iPad case, quilt, shower curtain etc.….


Pictures aren’t just for walls any more….


Hayden Valley Sunrise by Roxy Whalley

Hayden Valley Sunrise ~ The alarm clock woke me at 4:00 AM so I could get to Hayden Valley in time for the sunrise. The clouds were black, and a persistent, heavy, drizzle fell as I set up my tripod and waited in the cold, November darkness. My coat protected my camera, and I stood shivering, hoping that the clouds wouldn’t spoil the sunrise. When the magic happened, I was stunned by the beauty, and the way the clouds enhanced the reflection. When this image is enlarged, it makes me feel so relaxed, and I just want to sink into it.



Wyoming in the Fall by Roxy Whalley

Wyoming in the Fall ~ Pilot Peak stands out against a bank of clouds, and golden aspens create a beautiful foreground. This is Wyoming and Montana at it’s best.


Mists of Yellowstone by Roxy Whalley

Mists of Yellowstone ~ On this day I could not see the wolves or the grizzly bears, I could not see the mountain, I could only see the fog as it drifted through the trees, swirling and creating such soft beauty, I was not sorry that it came. I currently have this on my computer as a screen saver, and it is beautiful.


I hope you enjoy this little selection from the album Yellowstone National Park. Please feel free to see what other albums I have and share my images any way you choose.

Thank you,


Roxy ~ a Nomad for Nature

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