Travels ~ December 2015–Part 2 ~ Arizona




So I finally made it to the southern most part of Utah on December 21, 2015. I decided to try to win a permit for The Wave in the lottery at the BLM Visitor Center in Kanab, but I didn’t draw the lucky number. This was my second attempt to win a permit to no avail. No matter, just being there for the drawing is fun (except it means being there at 8:30 am Smile) and there are plenty of other things to do around Kanab. I decided to visit the Toadstools (see above) and then took a drive out across an ancient inland sea, where the skeletons of prehistoric sea creatures have been uncovered. There was a time I used to find this kind of landscape boring, but since I took an interest in the desert environment, and learned about the geology of it, I’m now fascinated by it. I can no longer look at a boring landscape, and just see a boring landscape. Now I read the land with my eyes and my curiosity to learn more is forever being tweaked.


Below: The Western Interior Seaway; then, and now, and Alstrom Point overlooking Lake Powell. This is a view that few get to see, as its about a 25-mile drive in on a dirt road.


When I was a young girl in school, I was very interested in geology and the outdoors, and I wanted to be a park ranger. However, my school, family, finances, and other circumstances steered me towards a life that was completely different than what was in my heart. I ended up being a secretary to an accountant, stuck behind a desk for forty-hours a week, and working with numbers, and math had actually been my worst subject in school. Now, by living this lifestyle of freedom, I’ve been able to undo the person that society shaped me to be, and become the person I’m supposed to be. I’m in my 50’s, and I’m finally living the lifestyle my heart craves, and becoming the person I was meant to be.


Below: The Vermillion Cliffs and Marble Canyon. That big canyon in the middle is actually where the Colorado River flows on its way to the Grand Canyon.


Below: Wupatki National Monument and The Citadel


I spent a day or two in Page, AZ, but the weather was still cold, so continued my travels down to Flagstaff, and then down to Sedona. Even Sedona was overcast and cold when I got there, but after a day or so it cleared up and the sun came out.





On Christmas Eve Day I found a place in Sedona that was holding a community dinner, and joined some other people that didn’t want to be alone for the whole holiday. This is a great way to meet people and learn about the town from a locals point of view. I met some very interesting people, but as often happens none of them kept their promise to stay in touch. This is par for the course, but every now and then someone does respond, and often new friendships are formed that remain solid.


For Christmas Eve I found some firewood and bought some chicken-sausage hot dogs, my Christmas Eve meal.


I wasn’t overly concerned about feeling lonely on Christmas Eve, but I still thought it would be nice to spend it with someone and I got my wish when an RV drove by, obviously looking for a place to park. I walked over and met the group of young people inside, and instantly liked them and invited them to join me. They accepted and I ended up having a fun-filled evening with these four young people. It was a multi-cultural Christmas Eve, with one girl from Japan, one from Mexico, a young man from India and the other from China. I couldn’t have asked for nicer company to help pass a cold Christmas Eve.


On Christmas Day I opened the gifts from my parents that I’d been carrying around for two months, then drove into Sedona and sat outside a closed restaurant that had free Wi-Fi, and visited with my parents on Skype. Christmas Day eve produced a breathtaking sunset on the rocks near my camp site (see the first image at the top of the page).


Below: It’s hard to take a bad picture in Sedona





Below: On New Years Eve morning I was visited by some people in a balloon, they flew so close over Mitzi that I could hear them talk. As they waved they commented that it must be really cold for camping. Indeed, the circles you see on the image below are actually ice crystals on my bedroom window by my head.



While in Sedona I had an interesting experience at the Boynton Canyon Vortex site. This young lady came up with her didgeridoo, and offered me a free healing session. I accepted gratefully, and with her permission recorded it. Click on this image to go to my YouTube Channel to watch the video.


U.F.O. ???


I spent New Years Eve camping alone, and had an interesting experience that actually freaked me out enough to call a friend. I was just sitting by my camp fire when I noticed a light approaching in the night sky from the south-west. It kept on getting bigger and bigger, and I watched fascinated, but then I became concerned when I realized it lacked any flashing lights, and become even more concerned when it suddenly just stopped dead, and hovered in one spot a short distance from my camp. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, hide (like it would help…Winking smile), or keep watching in plain sight. After about a minute it started to drift away to the north-west, slowly getting smaller and I felt some relief, then suddenly it shot off like a rocket and vanished over the cliffs beyond. I pondered all the possibilities, such as aliens, paper lanterns, drones etc. but it made no noise, and floated against the wind, so couldn’t have been a paper lantern, or a plane or drone, and that only left one thing. An unexplained flying object, aka UFO! (I’ve since been assured that it had to be a lantern, but I have to ask, how can a paper lantern float against the wind?).


UFO or not, I think having an unsolved mystery is a wonderful way to end a year, and greet a new one.


I might be saying goodbye to 2015, but in future posts I’ll be telling you all about my experience at The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, in Quartzsite, AZ, and more… I hope you’ll stick with my on my journey, and please feel free to share this blog with your friends.


Until next time…

Still pondering the mystery of the UFO

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature


Oh yea, this little guy was a gift from my mum at Christmas. She thought it would be nice for me to have a traveling companion, so I’m not talking to myself. I name him Ed, after Edward Abbey, because he has a backpack on. Thanks mum. Smile


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  4. Hi Roxy…Do you have any special methods for figuring out where to go for camping (example: follow the weather, follow the flower blooms, jobs, etc). Also have you always been really social or does it kind of grow on you as a result of the lifestyle? Yes, living an authentic life is the best way to go. I thought the ice crystals on the window were “orbs!” 😀


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