Lucky To Have So Much



I’ve been looking through some old journals and here is something I wrote back in 1997 when I camped in a tent for five-months on my own. In October 1996 I left my (then) abusive husband and set off on my own (I call it The Great Escape). I spent the winter of 1996/1997 renting a motel room, then started camping on my own for the summer of 1997. It was truly one of the most healing and beautiful times of my life. This journal entry pretty much covers how I felt back then (and still do). I felt incredibly lucky to be alive and free, and blessed to have so much in my life, despite not having a home other than my tent with all I owned fitting in my car.


Whilst driving home from work one day,

It dawned of me that everything I have and need,

is provided by the national forest, and the wilderness beyond ~

The wilds are my home, where my shelter lays,

My comfort when I’m feeling down, as nature never fails to cheer me up,

My pass-time ~ hiking, camp fires and exploring,

The animals are my friends,

The beauty is soul satisfying,

My peaceful escape.

Without the natural wonders provided by The Universe ~

I would have very little at this time in my life.

That I have so much, at no cost, makes me realize how truly lucky I am.


(Journal ~ July 1997)


Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature



5 responses to “Lucky To Have So Much

  1. when we realize we have more than we need, a beautiful serene peacefulness and tranquillity follows.

    ice cream. raz (ok ice cream is included.)


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