Birthday Campfire in the Snow

It was December 11, 2014, and I decided to camp in Rocky Mountain National Park; a birthday treat. I wanted to have a camp fire, some music, some wine, rather than huddling inside Mitzi to avoid the cold of a well-below-freezing night.


I also made a little video…you can view it on YouTube by clicking here:


I wrote this after a glass (or two) of wine:




I dance while I wait for my food to cook,

warming my hands by the camp fire,

stirred by a breeze.

I’m playing music from around the world;

Ireland, Israel, Gypsy music,

Hot coals cook organic chicken breast,

The moon is slow in rising.


English Country Garden music,

so far removed from this cold, harsh place

where snow and ice crunches beneath my feet.

Snow-capped peaks reflect the voice of the wild,

coyotes yap, call and sing; it is a big pack.


The fire pops,

and the wind suddenly gusts fiercely,

carrying messages from other lands,

other lives,

other fires.


Glancing at the horizon, I wonder where the nights sun is.

He is sleeping late?

I stir fresh coals under a steak I’m now cooking,

grass fed, non-GMO, this is the reality of 2014,

if you are aware, or care.


Smoke stirs and follows me,

“Leave me,” I order,

The smoke sinks as though heeding my words,

then rises to engulf me.

I bathe in it and smile.

Mother Nature always has the last word,

She always will.


I am 53 today,

This is my celebration,

The Mother of The Earth and I,

dancing around a fire.

I do not feel alone.


Finally the moon joins us

and I turn off my artificial lights,

and we become one.

An intimacy that few feel,

or experience, or even care about.


The stars watch,

The wind blows,

The bears sinks deeper into hibernation,

The coyotes howl,

My down coats keeps me warm,

and I wonder where those feathers came from.


~ ~


Until next time,

Wishing you many delightful birthdays,

Roxy ~ a Nomad for Nature

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