A Nomadic November (the rest of November 2015)


The likelihood of seeing a pronghorn standing in the middle of the road is almost zero at the best of times but if you’re on a major highway even less so, which is why I take as many of the smaller back roads as I can. I despise interstates. Yup, there are times we have to use them, but I think that in the true spirit of Nomadicism (yes, I invented that word) we should avoid them and see what the lesser road brings forth.

I did have to drive along I70 to get to Moab, UT, from Rabbit Valley, CO, but I got off on the first road that was useful to me. After the pronghorn and I admired each other for a while (the pronghorn was really admiring Mitzi, not me), I continued on my way to Moab via The Moab Canyon, and was delighted to get stalled a second time while cattle was being herded along the road, and then countless times after that to admire the views…I’ve driven this road more times than I can remember, and I still stop to admire the views.


I spent the rest of November hanging out in the Moab area, returning and replacing my laptop in a nightmare series of events that lasted two-years and would bore you to tears. I can surmise it by saying Don’t Buy Dell, and so far the laptop I finally ended up with is working okay. It is the Lenovo S41 (sorry Mac lovers, I can’t afford one). I also sold my Nikon D7000 camera, which I hated to do, but the camera was too heavy for me to carry on long hikes because of my shoulder and neck injury. So I also sold the D7000 and purchased a replacement camera which is a Sony a6000. It is still a professional camera and has interchangeable lenses, but because it’s mirror-less it weighs considerably less than the Nikon. I can pick the a6000 camera up on the tripod with one hand and carry it a long distance. What a difference it has made to my weight-carrying challenges, I love it.


When in the Moab area I mostly camp on BLM land at least 11-miles north of Moab (see the above picture). There used to be more free areas to camp but the BLM is converting more and more of the free areas into paid campgrounds. I guess there are several reasons for them doing this; one would be for the money (of course), but I think a huge part is because these areas have been over-used and they are getting destroyed. Now if all campers were respectful (like most of the Nomads I know) and didn’t leave their poop for someone else to find, or drive their ATV’s all over the plants and crypto-biotic soils, or discard their trash and damaged tires and oil in a beautiful area, and shoot bullets at random where other people are camping (and that’s just for starters) then maybe they wouldn’t be taking this free camping away from us. However, not all humans are capable of foresight and don’t have any idea (or don’t care) what the long-term results will be of their one-night, weekend or week, of selfishness and thoughtlessness, and well…you get the idea.

The weather was still pretty nice, but there were some frosty nights. I was feeling the urge to move south but I had to hang out until all my camera and computer stuff was taken care of. They are the two luxury items I can’t imagine being without in this lifestyle. Here are some shots from one of those perfect-frost mornings:

http://NomadforNature.wordpress.comwww.TranquilLightPhotography.comPlease visit www.TranquilLightPhotography.comhttp://NomadforNature.wordpress.com/


And below are some pictures from Arches National Park, and a couple of nights I spent in The Needles district of Canyonlands (while waiting for my computer to arrive in the mail)…I know most of my readers are Nomads (or wanna-be-Nomads)  so will not be purchasing my images for their van walls, but you might still enjoy viewing them full-size on my web page and sharing them with friends and family. Just click on the images that say ‘click to view full size’ …and thanks for sharing. Any money I make from my images gets re-invested into my photography, and sometimes buys me something I ‘want’ rather than ‘need’ like an upgraded cell phone. (My goal for 2016 is to have a data plan – Whoo hoo, I’m hoping to get with the times folks!).

I’m sure you’re all bored with images of Delicate Arch, so hopefully this will be a different perspective for you (it’s so much fun exploring off-trail).

www.TranquilLightPhotography.com/www.TranquilLightPhotography.com ~ Roxy Whalley2015-1903-2015-November2015-379-FeiryFurnace-1545-

And more of Arches National Park…








Oh my gosh…. I have so many images of Arches National Park some of them are on my web page at www.TranquilLightPhotography.com (and I’m still adding) you can go and look at them without having to buy anything. Just visit the page and look for the fun of it (and maybe give your favorite images a like, or a vote, or not…I’ll never know the difference).

So while I was in Moab Thanksgiving happened, and I spent it with some new friends I made in Moab (one of them being another Nomad who lives in a white van), and most of the citizens of Moab at the Community Thanksgiving Lunch. I’m so grateful that some towns put on lunches like this, and that visitors are welcome to join. I also went to the Moab Community Lunch for Christmas a few years back also. I’m also grateful for coffee shops like The Red Rock Bakery and Internet Café, who let me spend whole days in there while I installed all my programs onto my new laptop, and uploaded all my files. I was there so much they said they would miss me when I said goodbye.  Anyway, after Thanksgiving day I  drove down to The Needles District of Canyonlands…but it was so cold that I retreated after only a couple of nights. But it was so BeaUtiFul…



Well, you can probably tell that I’m not one of those people who only takes a couple of shots from the scenic overlooks…I think I’m addicted to the sound of the shutter.

All kidding aside, I love to take pictures and record what I’ve done and where I’ve been, so that when I’m not able to travel like this any longer, I’ll be able to sit back and re-live my life in pictures. And when I look at all I’ve done and the places I’ve been, I’ll be sure to say “Wow, what a fantastic life I had…I was so lucky.”

And that brings us to the end of November…but the journey doesn’t end here.

I hope you’ll join me for the next part of my journey which will be..…wait for it….December!

Bye for now,

and remember to Savor the Journey…

Roxy ~ a Nomad for Nature


3 responses to “A Nomadic November (the rest of November 2015)

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  2. Great shots! I’m super curious what you do seasonally for work besides your photo sales online…. and what kind of yearly budget you live off of? How much of that goes to gas or car insurance/repairs? If you are ever comfortable enough, a blog post about that would be super helpful to other wanna-be-nomads like myself! I will buy one of your prints as a gift next holiday coming


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