Under the Stars and Grappel on My Face


It was November 2013 and (just for the heck of it) I decided to sleep by my camp fire on the ground with just a ground cloth and my Thermarest pad and sleeping bag. It was cold, and the sky was half clear, and half cloudy.

I gazed up at the stars  to my east and watched the top of the pine trees sway with the breeze. My face was cold, and my body warm in my down sleeping bag. The trees swooshed in the breeze, the fire popped and crackled, I drifted off to sleep.

A loud screech startled me from slumber ~ A screech owl.

I drifted back to sleep.

A hot flash woke me, Phew! Legs were thrown akimbo out of the bag, arms flailed up above my head, my sleeping bag barely stayed on the ground cloth, let alone my body! (Yes, I’m THAT age). The cold air felt WONDERFUL!

Brrrrr… cold….. freezing. Bag comes back on. I think it’s around 25 degrees F.

Drift off the sleep again….

A hard spot develops under the pad, I shift… I shift again… I bend my knees up to ease my lower back, but the Thermarest pad is slippery, my sleeping bag is slippery,  and my feet just slide back down again. I cross my feet at the ankle, the best I can do.

I drift off to sleep again…

Then I am slapped in the face by the edge of the ground cloth, which had been thrown up by a steadily increasing wind…

I drift off again…

Suddenly I am wide awake as many tiny, cold and hard things hit me in the face. It was like having tiny rocks dumped on my face. I opened my eyes and realized I was being pummeled by grapple, hard pieces of snow that aren’t quite hail. Ouch!

I’d had enough! Time to climb into Mitzi and instead of gazing at the sky, I listened to grappel hit the roof.

Safe, warm, and dry… the inside of my vehicle always feels like home.

Although I didn’t get much sleep, it was wonderful, and I will have to do it more often…


Until next time…

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

This post first appeared on http://NomadforNature.wordpress.com/

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