Travels in the Summer of 2015

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If you have read the ‘about’ section of this blog, you will know that I’m one of those people who work part of the year, and travel the rest. At this stage in my life, my goal is to work six months and travel for six months. I hope that one day the odds will be in favor of the traveling part.


In 2015 things got a little messed up. Sadly, in my younger years I was involved with an abusive man, I don’t want to go into detail, but will surmise it by saying I have quite a few serious injuries from that relationship that are now haunting me. I may have left the man, but I’ll never be allowed to forget him. I set the winter of 2015 aside with the intention of getting some of these injuries, and other injuries that have occurred over the years worked on (injuries of which I was unable to afford to fix at the time, even when I was working 40-hour weeks year round).


I didn’t think that I would be staying in the Colorado mountains all winter, I was expecting things to take one to three months, but the months kept on passing by, and we were making minimal progress.


Nomad for NatureDuring this time I was still living in my car. I couldn’t work because of my injuries and also there was no work available in the town I consider my home base. The temperatures in the winter of 2014/2015 were below zero every night from some time in October, through February (at least). Sometimes it reached –30 F, and many times it was – 15 F. It was not an easy winter to be living in a car, to say the least.


Sadly, the stress of having doctors and physical therapy visits four times a week, and dealing with the extreme cold, ended up being too much physical stress on my body, and in March 2015, I had a Shingles break out. If you’ve ever had, or known someone who’s had Shingles, then you’ll know it is highly unpleasant to deal with, and for myself, exceedingly painful. It took me  couple of months to recover to the point that I could start to enjoy life a little again.


Despite this huge set back, I still managed to get some traveling in through the summer of 2015, and then in the fall I took off again, with full intentions of NOT being in the cold for another winter. My doctor even told me to do this, and I decided to listen to him.


Here are some pictures from the spring/summer of 2015. Hover over the image to learn more:



Nomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for Nature

Nomad for NatureNomad for NatureNomad for Nature


Nomad for NatureNomad for Nature


In January I was living in Mitzi, and yes it was that cold. In April, I took a trip to Utah. I visited some areas north of I70, and then visited Moab. I was in need of a break from all the doctors visits, and wanted to feel a little bit of warmth on my face.


Then I returned to Estes Park, and continued with the medical stuff, they weren’t helping much at all, and it was frustrating and that’s when I got the Shingles. After eight weeks of that, I had to get away. I couldn’t do much more than drive and take very short walks, so I made one trip to The Snowy Range in Wyoming, stopping at Longdraw Reservoir on the way. I also took a trip to Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, and Rollins Pass on the west side of The Great Divide in Colorado. This is just a sampling of how I live my life, as you can imagine, I have a LOT of photographs.


One of the things I love about doing all of this with a 4×4 vehicle, is the ease of finding a place to camp for the night. I only need a small spot, and I can usually find something up a little dirt road. I want to upgrade my vehicle and have a little more headroom and a place to cook, but I can’t give up my 4WD. I’ve fallen in love with the Tiger 4×4, but owning one of those is just a dream for me.


On November 1, 2015, I left Estes Park for the winter…. I’m going to start sharing those travels with you very soon. If you’d like to read about my travels in the summer of 2015, please visit the 2015 category in the right column of the home page.


Until then, Happy Trails,

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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