Galaxy In Ice

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~ Galaxy In Ice ~


The temperature is 12 degrees and an icy, biting wind steals the moisture from my lips.

Beneath my feet lies a whole galaxy; stars and planets never before witnessed by man.

H2O molecules, oxygen atoms, hydrogen atoms, electrons and protons have all worked together to create this vision.

I think of the various life forms that exist on the other side of this solar system.

Microscopic organisms, insects, plants, and fish, each one living in a different environment than mine, an environment I could not survive in for more than a few minutes.

These tiny creatures and organisms are oblivious to this contemplative human standing mere inches above them.

A human surrounded by mountains and trees, inhaling and exhaling the crisp air of the Rocky Mountains and trying not to slip,

while marveling at the image of the universe created in the ice at her feet.


Roxy Whalley ~ Jan 5, 2009 ~ A Nomad for Nature

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