The Brink of Dawn

Early Morning In The Valley 

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The early morning silence slowly weaves its way

into my awakening senses.

Here on the brink of night and day,

Darkness and light,

Where shadows are deep,

And elsewhere things begin to take shape.

Each sound stands out on its own,

as though framed by the crisp, cool, mountain air.

The flap of wings, the robin’s song,

a dog barking over the hill.

Ribbons of red and blue stream across the sky,

a banner announcing a new day.

The sunlight brings with it the steady hum of life,

the movement of the earth.

I breath deep of that moment

and hold it in my lungs, eyes closed,

and upon releasing those captured seconds,

they enter the world of light and sun.

The brink of dawn has passed,

And the thrum of daylight takes its place.


By Roxy Whalley ~ April 4, 2006

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