Gypsy Toes–A Poem



Deeply ingrained

This gypsy blood

The longing for new pastures



I wish these toes would stop twiddling

Lay still and be at peace.

Though the body is tired

The soul weary

The toes still tap, tap, tap

They try to escape their comfort zone

Their safe encasement

Their protection from the elements



They tap on the door,

Lets go, lets go they call out loud

Lets go somewhere new, unknown

Lets explore, explore.

Lets face the newness

Defeat the fear

Experience something new

Something new.

Lets find that place we haven’t found

Lets find the place where I can rest my weary appendages

Where I can snuggle into the softness,


And comfort of home.

It is out there somewhere,

Lets go.

Roxy ~ A NomadforNature – July 2012

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