The Summer of 2015 #1– Long Draw Reservoir

This is a post I shared back in the summer of 2015, on my A Free Spirited Woman blog (no longer available), which I thought I would re-share here on A Nomad for Nature.




After having a bout of Shingles in May 2015 that left me with Postherpetic Neuralgia, I’m finally on the mend and getting my life back. It’s now July 2015, and recovery is slow, but not nearly as slow as for some people because I’ve been taking care of myself. In my mind this means relaxing a lot, taking gentle, short walks, soaking in hot springs, driving places with beautiful views and lots of photo ops, and eating the right foods for recovery, plus plenty of acupuncture..

I learned that if I overdid it, my nerve endings would flare up so much I think I could have friend an egg on them, and I grew tired very quickly. But I had to do something, I was so bored. Normally I’d be working in the summer, but my interviews were cancelled when I got the shingles. It sucked to be free and still not able to do much. However, there was one thing I could do, and that was drive.

So with pillow resting between my seatbelt and my chest (where my nerve endings were still raw), I decided to get away from base camp for a while. I started out by driving along the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins, CO, and on an impulse turned onto Long Draw Reservoir Road. Almost immediately I saw this moose.


Further down the road I found the best dispersed camping spot in the area, with a view of some of the Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, and a view of the reservoir, with an expansive wetland before me where I hoped to see moose. I saw several moose from my vantage point, and could watch them from inside my vehicle, which was a blessing considering the mosquito’s had just hatched and were so thick they had me screaming.


While I was camped in this spot, a nice gentleman stopped and asked if I’d let him pitch his tent there to save the spot for the weekend. I said “Sure, why not,” so he proceeded to set up his camp. This was actually a good thing for me, because it meant I could drive from my camp spot without losing it, and so I stayed there two nights instead of one, and went for a short, but pretty walk the next day.


I saw moose at sunset, and moose at sunrise from my beautiful vantage spot. When I left camp and went for a walk I saw more moose and flowers galore…

July15Trip2015_008LongdrawRes Collage Collage

It was so nice to be back exploring again. Recovering from shingles is like getting a new lease on life. I just want to see more and more…

That’s all for today…I’ll continue with my explorations another day.

Until then,

Happy Trails….

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature


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