The Coyotes Call


There are two places I park regularly at night. One on the east side of town, and one on the west. The one on the west side is really close to Rocky Mountain National Park and the Rocky Mountains.

Each place has a pack of coyotes that are very active, but the pack nearest to the mountains is the most impressive. I have seen these coyotes and they are huge. I can imagine that some visitors from out of town could confuse them with wolves. I did a double take myself when I saw one from a distance. At first I though I was watching a deer because of the very long legs (I wasn’t wearing my long distance glasses), but when I did put my glasses on, I was pretty sure they were coyotes.

That is… the biggest coyotes I’ve ever seen.

Almost every time I park in this spot, the coyotes come calling. I think they are curious about this vehicle with a person in it. I notice that when I’m watching a movie, or using some other form of light source in my vehicle, they are more apt to hang around.

They will circle my vehicle at a distance (a pretty good distance, where I can’t see them in the dark) and talk to each other, and howl, and yap. I always close my eyes and feel the depth of their chatter. I can hear the wildness in their call, and the intelligence of a species that has learned to adapt to a world overrun by humans.

Coyotes are very intelligent creatures. They can adapt to almost any environment. Considered a pest by many, they are hunted and killed regularly, but all this does is prompt them to have more litters. They sense the threat to their survival, and so start having more pups more often. This saddens me, it seems that as (supposedly) intelligent human beings we could find alternative ways to solve this problem, but all we do is kill, kill, kill.


I grew up in England, so I never heard a coyotes call until I came to the States. The first time I heard that wild call, it sent shivers ran down my spine. I still love to listen to the coyotes. I will stop whatever I’m doing and give their voices my full attention.

I hope that you too, will always enjoy the coyotes call…

Until next time,

Hoping to hear the coyotes tonight….

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature


Originally posted in March 2015 ~ on my (then) blog, A Free Spirited Woman


2 responses to “The Coyotes Call

  1. Yeah, i love the Coyotes. They would travel around the desert where i lived and occasionally start their song & dance. Never bothered me.


  2. we have them here, indiana. this is america, killin is what we do. they killem here. they are winnin this like the war on drugs. they ain’t winnin. period. just killin.

    ice cream. raz


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