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I’m not sure of the days any more…keeping track of the day and time no-longer seems important. Only the experiences, the beauty, the moments of solitude, finding a place to camp and so on, are what matter.

After Nine-Mile Canyon I visited Price. Mitzi got treated to a high power wash (and no, I didn’t spray myself this time, we live and learn), and I re-stocked on some fresh items and ice.

I spent the next three days south of Wellington in a very remote area. There isn’t even a place to dispose of trash out here, so I hauled it around for three or four days.

The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry was closed except on weekends, so I camped in a draw and went rock hunting. I love rocks, and this area certainly has an huge array. I always wish I knew more about them, but geology is so complicated, and as a true novice I tend to forget more than I learn. Still, there is something mesmerizing and meditative about staring at rocks. You have probably experienced something similar if you ever walked on a beach and looked for shells… I turn rocks, look in wonder, and wonder, and wander around some more.

by Tranquil Light Photography.com

Oh peaceful nights…I heard two cars in the distance through the entire evening, night and morning. And what a beautiful morning. No wind, so rain, no chilling breeze. I was parked on slickrock, so it was a great time to cook a real breakfast of egg, crimini mushrooms, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, cheese and garlic, eaten right out of the pan. No hurry today, nowhere particular to go…

I really needed a good wash, and a hair cut. So I got out my electric shears, plugged them into my adapter, and cut my hair. Then I stripped naked and washed myself from head to toe.

If you’ve never stood in the wilderness naked and washed yourself with cold water in the sunshine, you haven’t lived yet. It is a wonderfully freeing and refreshing experience.

_2015-_362-BuckhornReservoDown the road I came across a reservoir. I grabbed my binoculars and camera, and walked over the rise to get a good gander, and in the process scared nearly all the birds away from the shoreline which was right there. I have truly lost my stealth skills while cooped up in a town all winter. No matter, I just sat down and waited for an hour until they started to drift back. Bird watching is so relaxing and peaceful, just the sound of birds, lots and lots of birds.

_2015-_376-BuckhornReservo_2015-_375-BuckhornReservoAfter that I explored another road and found some more petroglyphs, including one called The Daisy Chain. Someone left a pile of firewood near one of the glyphs, so I took enough for a fire that night, which turned out to be at the overlook of The Little Grand Canyon (called The Wedge Overlook) in The San Raphael Swell.

Now a person couldn’t ask for a much better camping spot, unless it was at the edge of THE Grand Canyon. What a view! and right from my camp. At sunset I set up my tripod, but realized that the canyon would be in shadow before sunset, so took shots of it during the magic hour. That is the hour before the sun sets, and the colors are always deep, and saturated, and rosy, and every rock and geological layer stands out clearly. It is my favorite time of day (along with the first rays of sunlight on a cold morning, and the first bird song, and… and…).

Picnic Table with a ViewI had my campfire mainly to keep the cedar gnats away, which were horrific and zoomed in on me as though I were a long awaited banquet. I woke before sunrise, and watched the sun turn the tips of the higher rocks rosy red.

I have no idea of the day, or the date… does anyone care?


Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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