I’m Off Again–(and) Mud Splattered from Head to Toe

On April 21, I left town after a long winter of suffering in my car through sub-zero temps, that got as low as -30 (Yes, like on the top of Mount Everest).

I was ready for a change of scenery, and some sunshine.

Near The Poudre CanyonI started out on the other side of those mountains

I visited Fort Collins then tried to find a spot to park for the night as I drove up The Poudre Canyon, and onto Steamboat Springs. I didn’t really think I would find even a tiny spot to squeeze Mitzi in for the night, and I didn’t. Finally, in Steamboat Springs I realized that finding free camping (or any camping) in April in the Colorado mountains was impossible, so I drove up Buffalo Pass and when I saw that the campground was not only knee deep in mud but also closed, I realized I had no choice but to park in a nearby parking lot (end of the road because it was gated at this point) and ignore the No Camping signs. (This is where people who want to just park their cars over night argue that it isn’t really camping. Camping means having a CAMP fire, or setting up a tent etc).

Looking North

The next morning a soak in Strawberry Hot Springs washed away the guilt (who am I kidding?) and I gained a beautiful sun burn on my neck and shoulder area. Oh yea!

A muddy experience:

I was feeling very relaxed and sleepy after that, but there was a pressing issue I had to deal with; You see while I was looking for a spot to camp the afternoon before, I made the mistake of driving up a national forest road that ended up with me almost getting stuck in some very deep mud. By the time I left the hot springs the mud had turned into concrete, and I decided I’d better get it washed off before it turned into granite.

So I was half asleep when I pulled into the only self-serve car wash in Steamboat and started to high pressure wash the wheel arches of my car. The mud was so stubborn that I decided to get the wand a little closer which was a BIG mistake! Suddenly the pressure of the water loosed the now wet mud, and the force was so strong that it all flew back towards me and sprayed mud all over me from head to toe. My whole front side, face included, was covered in mud splatter. And the really stunning thing about this scenario, is that I did it a SECOND time. I ended up laughing while trying to wipe my clothes clean with wet wipes, which was rather futile.

I now had a dirty body and a semi-clean vehicle, because I’d run out of quarters before I could do a really good job.

Ahhhh, it’s so good to be having such wonderful experiences again while on the open road…ha ha.

Until next time…traveling west…

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature (mud splattered and all…)

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