Sub-Zero Winter Camping (In My Car)


March 4, 2015 ~ I haven’t been posting many posts lately, mainly because I haven’t had any really great news to share, and I don’t want to sound like a moaning, whining, complaining middle-aged wimp.

I’ve been trying to get my numerous injuries fixed, but it’s very hard when I At Lake Haiyaha, RMNP, Cohave to see a different specialist for each individual thing, and they don’t listen to me, and don’t talk to each other. I have an injury in my rotator cuff (frayed, not totally torn), for which I was seeing a physical therapist, but exercising that only makes the other injuries hurt more, but my PT isn’t allowed to work on the other injuries, even though they are only a couple of inches away. It frustrates me to no end. Did I mention, that all focus went on the rotator cuff injury when they discovered it, and my original complaint went ignored. I’ve been very tolerant, but right now I have to say my patience has reached its limit, and I’m a very patient person. However, there is hope; I have finally found a doctor who has made the link, and realized that all my injuries need to be looked at together, because they feed off each other. So maybe, now that four-months of mostly wasted time and money has gone by, I might be taken seriously…Fingers crossed, breath held.

What has made this winter especially difficult, is that in order to be able to get my insurance (Medicaid) to pay for this battery of tests and physical therapy, I’ve had to stay in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where my primary care physician is located. I can’t afford to rent a place to live (with heat), so I’ve been camping in Mitzi, and wouldn’t you know it, I chose the coldest winter in the past twenty-years or more.

I have lost count of how many sub-zero nights we’ve had. –24 F, –30 F, –12 F, and a lot of –2 to –10F nights. I tell you, anything above zero, even 5 degrees F, feels downright balmy these days.

Please allow me one paragraph of whining: Frozen canned food, frozen water, wet breath on my sleeping bag from my breath hitting the cold night after night, and some nights it even freezes solid and I can peel it off in little flakes in the morning. I have lost all kinds of fresh food, apples, oranges, avocadoes etc. My quart of colloidal silver froze, and it’s useless after it has frozen, so I had to trash that. I’m tired of not having drinkable water, and I’m tired of having to defrost my pee before I can dump it.

You know, I can actually tell what the temperature was inside Mitzi, by how frozen my pee is. The crystals form differently at different temperatures, so it’s like an indoor thermometer. Heck, one day this skill might come in useful, you never know…

It’s March 4th now, in a few days we will switch to daylight savings time. I’m hoping with every frozen muscle in my body that the Father Frost recognizes that we call this time-switch SPRING FOREWARD, and acts accordingly.

I have had some delightful times this winter, but my mind is too numb, and my muse to frozen too write about them just yet, but I’ll probably catch up at some point.

Until then…

Trying not to turn into a frozen popsicle

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

5 responses to “Sub-Zero Winter Camping (In My Car)

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  4. Thanks for your post and concern, I totally agree with you about natural medicine and I don’t take any pills except herbs. My doctor is a natural doctor, my treatments consist of acupuncture, emotional muscle releasing, physical therapy and stretching, and lots of Theracane use. I have degenerative injuries given to be by an abusive man, they will not go away, they will just get worse over time no matter what I do. I can only slow the process a bit and learn how to manage the pain. I use white willow bark for pain, and ginger for inflammation. In an attempt to avoid getting sick in other ways I drink periwinkle tea (cancer fighter) at night, I take hawthorn (for the heart), milk thistle (the help the liver rid itself of toxins) and other natural remedies. When I had The Shingles I cured it with Olive Leaf Extract from, and it worked far better than anything the doctor prescribed. I will take an ibuprofen once in a while, but rarely. ALL man made medicines make my blood pressure go up, I hate them. They can be life savers at times, but only in emergencies and for short periods. I will need surgery one day, but the longer I can put it off the better, I hope that by the time I need it, they will be better at doing it. I can only hope.


  5. Modern Western medicine is a scam. I don’t go to the doctor anymore. If I did, it would be a chiropractor or a naturopath. There is a natural solution to every problem. All western medicine does is throw a pill at your problem which causes other problems. I consume peppermint and ginger essential oils for digestion help and put Panaway on backaches. (photographers all have back issues) Every single person I know that has gotten surgery has ended up with worse pain. Did you know Ginger is a natural anti-imflammatory and can be made into a poultice and placed on arthritic areas for relief? It also helps internally the same way if ingested. Lots of info on plant and oils online. I hope you heal soon.


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