Fall Is Here…and it’s Cold…

It is November 14, 2014, and I’m in Moab, Utah. (Originally posted on my old blog A Free-Spirited Woman.

The hour changed a week ago, so that it goes dark at 5:00 PM or a little earlier. Once the sun goes down it gets cold. Temperatures this past week have been dropping below freezing almost every night, and I’ve been waking up to below freezing temps each morning.

View from camp

It is hard to climb into Mitzi at 5:00 PM, and stay there until the sun rises and warms the air a touch at 8:00 AM or so. That’s fifteen hours of snuggling inside a sleeping bag, reading, watching movies on my Nook, writing or playing Solitaire. Such nights are very long indeed. I will read until 8:00 PM or so when my eyes droop, and my hands are frozen from holding my Nook, and snuggle down. Sleep comes easily, as there is nothing to distract me like TV, radio, internet. However, after eight hours of sleep, I often find myself waking up, at 4:00 AM.

4:00 AM – 7:00 AM is when the temperatures always seem to be at their lowest, and I reluctantly reach for my toilet and drag it under my sleeping bag, trying not to lose the warmth I have built up under the down. Afterwards, I retreat inside my bag, drawing the edges uptight around me, and curling into a tight ball, and count sheep (nice, warm, wooly looking ones) until I drift off again.

Not every night is like this… sometimes I have a campfire. A fire can be my best friend, offering warmth and comfort, it helps to pass the hours until 8:00 PM. Having a fire is a luxury, as I can only have one when I have found enough firewood for one. I’m always on the lookout for wood and gather pieces here and there, adding it to my box above, until it is full. Then I plan my fire with glee.

Winter is coming, and long nights are par for the course.

Until next time…feeling her age and the cold…

Nomad for Nature

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