Cow Dung!

Originally posted on my blog A Free-Spirited Woman in October 2014


The other day I found myself having to drive on an interstate for a few miles. I generally avoid interstates when I’m not going somewhere specific, the back roads are where the magic happens. However, this time I had no choice and as I pulled onto the interstate into a ton of great big semi’s, which, unfortunately, forced an enormous cattle truck to switch lanes to let me onto the highway.

And then it happened!

Just as that cattle truck started to pass me, I think every single cow in the back of it decided to ‘let loose’ at the same time, and it all came flying out of the bottom of the cattle truck just behind the passenger side front wheel of the cab. Or perhaps the action of the truck switching lanes swirled the accumulated muck to the corner where it all pours out. (Or maybe the driver has a secret switch he can flip to let it all out when he gets annoyed at other drivers). Anyhow, it spewed out in a big gush and hit the road hard, and a few gallons of cow dung and cow urine bounced back up off the road and was thrown up by the trucks rear, and middle tires, and splattered all over Mitzi!


I hugged the shoulder as close as I dared, but it still aimed right at us and kept on coming while that huge, very long, truck passed by. I mean it just kept gushing out, and I watched in dismay as the longest cattle truck in the world, with the most tires, kept on passing by. It felt as though time had stood still, and it would never end. Poor Mitzi was mottled with cow dung and she stank. Fortunately, I had my driver’s side window closed which saved me from the same embarrassment.

You know, I can still smell that cow dung now, I wonder where it is hiding.

Until next time,

Searching for the elusive cow dung that still haunts my senses,

Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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