Meeting Up With Friends in the Desert South West


I always get a bit of a kick out of meeting with my friend Jo, when we decide to get together to do something in the desert.

As many of these places are too remote for cell phone reception, it’s a case of just guessing where to find the other and when. We usually have an idea of the general area, and then one or the other of us will park along the only road there, and wait.

The winter before last I was camping along the San-Raphael Swell for a couple of weeks, and on the day I thought Jo might arrive, I just parked my car in view and went for a hike. On my return, Jo was waiting there with his motorhome. Sometimes desert roads are so empty in winter, you might drive for 8-hours and not see another vehicle. It’s tempting to flash one’s lights and wave at the other person, total strangers though they are, and sometimes it actually happens, and passing strangers share happy waves.

When I met Jo on March 17 this year, he told me which dirt road near Moab he’d be camping along, and to just find him.

Jo has a little Winnebago Warrior motorhome, and he’s become very adept at driving it way beyond the spots any other motorhomes will go. Even most vans won’t go where Jo goes, so I wasn’t surprised when the road started to get rough, and I still hadn’t found Jo.

Then I spotted him way up ahead parked on some slick rock, the best kind of camping surface and also much harder to do damage to environmentally.

My friend Jo, camping on slick rockSpot the RV

A week or two ago we found a spot on the slick rock that actually required me to get out and direct him, as it was just getting into 4WD stuff. By some miracle, he made it up and down without doing too much damage.

I love it…

Just sharing this for fun…A Free-Spirited Woman (my former blog)

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